Monday, December 3

needle-felted owl

My very first attempt at needle-felting (over a month ago just didn't get around to posting...).

If you know me, you know I would naturally choose something more advanced. It's just the crazy way I am. I like the challenge, I'm impatient to practice on easier things, plus I like to make something I really want to make.

I used this very good youtube tutorial. I found the ears very tricky to form.

This teeny guy is part of our plays/puppet shows now.


  1. oh. em. geeee!!!!! i am in an utter collapse from the adorableness!!!


  2. Oh, it's gorgeous! I have been very intrigued by needle felting, it looks like a lot of fun. I keep seeing felted acorns on blogs and in magazines and think they look very festive and pretty. x

    1. i think they're supposed to be easy enough, and certainly quick.

  3. How cute! I'm like that too about doing what I want to do, instead of building up basic skills first, lol. It usually works out :D

  4. Adorable!!! You are getting so good with this!!!

  5. Adorable cuteness....had to come back and look and smile again :~) and I love imagining your plays/puppet shows...what great fun.


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