Friday, December 14

joy pockets #47

After a cold, I developed a bacterial infection leading to sinusitis. Never had this before, but the right side of my head/face sure knows all about it now.

To take care of a little child, on one's own, with any pain is torture.

My choices are; drugs to cope, and thereby chemicals in my body and further taxed adrenals leading to nausea and/or fatigue, or lying down and possibly coping without medication, but literally lying down for hours. Oh I'm so much fun for my Miss 4.

Today is the last day of term and I'm facing a week alone with my pixie. So many good good things within me, ideas and happinesses, but my body is not towing the line.

barely captured


her first mandala drawing
little girl kisses and smiles
global friends with sinusitis advice
how she greets me when i pick her up from school
the BEST relief from the congestion and pain, albeit temporary.
i can't explain the joy of working my big toe at 3am and feeling my sinuses 'pop' open

that there are a few really good tv shows for kids
when mama remembered she wasn't superwoman
a social turnaround, for the better
that we can cry together, to 'let the sad out' and then it's all okay

Here's to a clear-headed weekend.


  1. I've been interested in reflexology, but my energy and focus have been with other therapies. knowing it had such a positive outcome, now I really want to learn more! kisses and smiles from the little ones are always good medicine. hope you continue to feel better. xo

  2. Oh man. Trying to care for another, especially a little one, while feeling rotten is rather tortuous. Feel better, Mama!

  3. Take care, we've all been sick here with chest infections for months no, grateful for antibiotics, and miserable. X

  4. Get well soon. You are right, it is torture to be ill when you have a child to care for. When you are the main carer you're not allowed to phone in sick! x

  5. I stumbled across your lovely blog the last week or so and I have eagerly read your accounts of the joys and pains in motherhood. I'm at home with a baby that has many of the same characteristics as your wonderful Wildflower inhibited as a baby! I love how you show total devotion and unconditional love for her, it's so inspiring. I just realised that you haven't posted anything for a while and I hope you and your family are ok. I would love to e-mail you if you don't mind. Best wishes to you for 2013!


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