Friday, December 7

joy pockets #46

To be ill, again, after just a bare week of reprieve is not my idea of fun. To have your little one ill with barely a few days reprieve is plain harsh. Add extra sickly night-wakings to the usual insomnia, and the stress of finances.....I'm worn out, naturally.

So joys?

the mighty oregano essential oil arrives
that she enjoys a reflexology treatment from me
"I enjoyed school today mama"
a couple of issues makes this a vital statement
a new creative project taking wings
her first mandala - drawing together
2-week job offer for the Mr


  1. goodness, I hope the oregano oil helps to banish those sickies from the house. may this be a weekend of recovery for you all!


  2. Sometimes illness just isn't fair, really hope you are all feeling better soon.

  3. yay for oregano oil... Sorry to hear that you and your little one have been sick... Moses wasn't well quite recently. It's hard on the whole family. We have essential oils on order as well and can't wait until they arrive.....

  4. oregano oil--thank ya lawd!!! Sounds like a reprieve is in order very soon my friend. Glad to hear the Mr. has some things coming his way, may new doors continue to open!!!


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