Thursday, November 1

Our Reading Month

Miss 4's favourite reads...

How to Stay Healthy (I Know That)
Can you tell I have a Virgo Moon child?

Rosie's Hat
Nice choice for wind themes. Not up to Donaldson's usual standard,
best read forgetting it's the same author.

Patrick Paints a Picture
Ordinary, but she enjoys painting so much that she related to it.
Okay as library lend.

Mother Earth and Her Children: A Quilted Fairy Tale
Gorgeous, but I'm afraid I put it off for so long, due to the price, that now she's past it.
Still enjoys it but doesn't choose it herself.

One Year With Kipper
Nice and simple, especially for Kipper fans. Goes through the seasons in a simple way.
She was inspired to create a 'faux' photo montage thingy, like Kipper does at the end.

A Little Bit
Sweet. We're all a little bit good and a little bad and a little bit of everything and that's what makes us human.
The 'bad' and 'mean' depictions are funny rather than horrid.

Eyewitness Books Skeleton
Again, a very Virgoan choice. Fascinated with the body and especially skeletons.

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