Monday, October 29

Last week...

Demonstrated her favourite rope swing at school.
Played sweetly with baby dolls while I took my turn to clean her classroom.
Made loo-roll puppets.

Did inspired art, side by side.
Started to wash up the cutlery, for real.
Got excited about our 5-a-day chart.
(national recommended fruit/veg daily portions in UK)

Offered to vacuum.
Threw leaves into the air and at each other.
Painted the puppet story I told that morning.
(boy meets ducks in Autumn woods and helps them build their nest)

Made a Halloween banner.
Discovered the joy of a cardboard box.
Made bread.
Went on a river walk with little neighbour and parents.

weekending with Amanda


  1. Great thing about stories - Love the fact that Ducks can build nests in Autumn - lol. Glad to hear things seem to be working out. Sorry I missed hooking up with hubby while he was here but had a good chat on the phone. Keep smiling.

  2. Nice little glimpses into your week. I love that five a day chart, that's a great idea.

    1. she eats really well anyway, but it's fun and helps to reinforce the healthy eating idea.

  3. looks like there was a lot of play and creativity last week. here's hoping there is plenty more this week!

  4. Oooh I do like your inspired art... Usually my art making involves one or more small one too!!

    1. it is lovely together. not quite the art i would do alone, but fun and relaxing. and don't they just love being inspired by us?


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