Thursday, October 18

Four and a half

'Mummy, are you going to have another baby?'
'No sweetie.'
'But I want you to have two.'
'Can you have twins?'
'One of you is just enough, just right.'
'But I miss myself!'


Learning to play chess on and off for the last month.


Asked me to leave immediately on the 2nd day of Steiner school.


'Mama, what happens if we throw water on the sun?'


Most little girls ask for dolls, don't they?

'Mama, when will you eat chicken again?'
'Er, don't know, why?'
'When you eat it, can you not throw the bones and wash them and get all the yucky stuff off and give it to me?'
'Yes, sure'

Yup, it's all about anatomy books, body functions, organs, and skeletons at the moment.
I love that she worked out herself where she could get a hold of a bone!


Dealing so well with an aggressive boy at school - setting her boundaries but not retaliating.
(teacher, other parent, and I, working on this)


Trying many new foods - spinach, noodles, raisins, raspberries, barley, creamy pasta sauce, sweet potato soup - and not worrying about bits!
Importantly, she's, this finicky kiddo, is eating well at school. Although still turning her nose up at seeds.


She's the helpful one in class.


A visit to the library is still considered a good day out.


She loves being outside in nature. And calls our forest or river walks, going on an explore.


  1. I love that "but I miss myself"..and "going on an explore". I just love the way kids put things! Its good to write them down because they can be soon forgotton in the midst of all the other brain occupying stuff! Glad to hear she is settling well at school and I wish my daughter would try some new foods..I'm sure she is getting worse as she gets older, despite my efforts! Take care, lisa x

  2. She is adorable and at the same age as my daughter. They fascinate me!

  3. Precious! I love the clever things kids come up with. I love that about the bones lol


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