Thursday, October 25

Bread making

We've made a few cakes together, where she basically cracked eggs and mixed batter. Now that we're settled into our home and working on a weekly rhythm, I decided to introduce bread making.

Miss 4 loved the feel of the flour and the dough. She chose to add sunflower seeds to her little rolls.

I used the basic recipe on the flour packet. And with no measuring equipment and one small bowl (new house, belongings elsewhere still), it was certainly, er, rustic methodology.

Basic Rolls

2 1/4 cups strong bread flour
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
15g soft butter
7g dry yeast (I use allison's easy bake - UK)

Add flour, salt, sugar, yeast, stir well.
Rub in butter.
Knead for 10mins on floured surface until smooth and elastic.
Form into rolls (about 9).
Place on tray.
Leave to rise 30-45mins.
Preheat oven to 230C.
Bake 10mins, then reduce temp to 200C, bake until risen, golden, and hollow on bottom.

Bread Kneading Song

This is the way we knead our dough
do it with rhythm nice and slow
First we push with the heel of our hand
then turn it 'round and do it again.

She was thrilled about the rising.

I lathered on the butter, she preferred hers as they were.


  1. Thank you for your comment, oh, I am having such a lovely wander and read through your blog... Am tempted to comment everywhere :-) I have a little girl who, I guess, would be of a similar age ( if my maths is correct!! ) how alike your little one she is! And we recently made bread, and the best bit for her was squashing it down ( " it feels like boobies!! ") so glad to have found you xx

    1. that's hilarious! lovely to see you here.


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