Friday, August 17


Since we've been at the in-laws, I weaned her off TV. It had become a habit started when she wouldn't eat solids as a way to distract her, and it worked. The habit became cartoons during breakfast and lunch. And when it was just me and her all day long, it was a necessary breather for me. I wasn't concerned with the amount, although some days slipped into more than ideal, but I was always mindful. I also carefully chose what she watched.

Now she has more distractions including play time with grandma, as well as more places to visit. We began eating in the kitchen, having lunch together as often as possible. She transitioned really quickly, to my surprise, and has only rarely asked to watch something.

Yesterday was the first time she watched a DVD. We negotiated together for 30mins. She had been asking the last few days, and I successfully distracted her, but thought it best not to let it become an issue.

We're off soon to our favourite place - the library.

The current favouritist read (that mama enjoys as well):

The Incredible Book-Eating Boy
Oliver Jeffers

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  1. I want to do some TV weaning, but not sure how to go about it other than trying to provide more interesting options. It's the sort of thing where I feel ditching the TV altogether would be easiest, but it's nice to have for sometimes.


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