Tuesday, August 21


She's doing fab sleeping in her own bed.
Her two favourite words are currently: monumental and indeed.
She's been loving signs for a while now - especially danger signs. We just drew some together and she's busy sticking them up around the house as I type.
Pushing the limits recently. Our first 'fight' yesterday in the longest time - there's respecting her wishes and then there's a limit to how much opposition for the sake of opposition a tired mama can take! Today there is peace.


  1. I like that "monumental" and "indeed." Love the pink tone on the pictures and your new header.

  2. What wonderfully expressive favourite words to have!
    Glad you have found peace today.
    We have our own rhythums of give and take too.
    At the moment, most of my "fights" are with my wonderfully, and ever-so-newly spirited toddler girl:)


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