Friday, June 29

signs, books, and other tidbits

I mentioned that signs were of interest. Still are big on the radar for Miss 4. Loves the danger ones best. *roll of eyes* Recognises a Give Way sign and knows that it means, 'to let the other cars go first'. Hilarious.

This week she tried a very earthy-tasting chestnut mushroom and lentil soup, and enjoyed it. Yesterday she asked for a second bowl. woot!

We've got to an earlier sleep routine - quieting down around 9pm, asleep by 10, up at 8am.

We scored a Disney dwarves house (and all 7 dwarves) from a charity shop on our Devon trip. What a find!

Fridays are still our library day, with toddler time. Although we go an hour later these days, as it's mostly full of younger ones and she begins to get fed up waiting for anything to happen. We're still one of the few that actually sit and read books.

We borrowed, and will re-borrow later today, Bugs by the Numbers. Cool book, especially for bug lovers. Little ones can enjoy the flaps, slightly older ones the simple facts, and even older ones the more complicated facts. Think I'll buy it for her.


  1. Thanks for the book rec. I've been compiling a new summer reading list and my littlest is crazy for bugs...he'll love this book.

  2. Michael's into road signs, too. He tries to reason them out, rather than memorize them, so it's fun to see what he deduces.

    Our sleep routine has been hijacked. Lol

    I wonder if our library has that book; will have to look.


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