Monday, June 4

Miss 4and a bit

You finally shifted from referring to yourself in 3rd person, but have reverted to it this week - I have no idea why. Your drawing leaped from heads with limbs to recognisable little girls (usually yourself) and always a cat, right now. You become exceedingly lethargic (like your dad) when it's very hot and especially humid - lots of naps when we arrived in a very warm England.

You still need Home very much, and have asked to go back to 'my house' because you miss it. You're happy here, at baba & deda's place, but it is not Home.

You're no longer obsessed with words and letters. Your reading is wonderful, far above your age, but you're not pushing for it. Signs hold a lot of interest right now - Stop, Give Way, No Smoking. Yes, the ones with a warning are your favourites. Whenever you spot one - what does that one say? We bought Dinosaurs Day Out as it has a lot of sign learning.

You still love the library but you're a little bored with Toddler Time as you're older now. So I'm taking you later, to catch more of the stories and singing.

You enjoy telling yourself stories with your toys. You adore the computer and I have to monitor your time. But it's perfect for you - detailed, logical, thinking..... it's who you are.

You're still thrilled at being allowed to ride the stroller/push chair and playing with mud.

You went to the dentist for the first time, right before we left Montenegro. You were very pleased to do it and very pleased to be told that your teeth were perfect and 'like pearls'.
When I bought you a lollipop you reminded me that they're not good for our teeth! I assured you this was a special sugar-free one, from that health store. You also asked for hazelnuts.

Your favourite meals are lentil (red split pea) soup and Bolognese with shell pasta. You still enjoy honey yoghurt, porridge, cheerios, wholemeal toast, peanuts, crisps, most soups, bananas, jar fruit, occasionally cream cheese, Edam or Gouda cheese, rice cakes, apples, cheesy crackers, pizza, sugar-free cookies, mashed potato, almonds....

..... and you love chocolate ice-cream.

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  1. Great ice cream face!

    M's teacher says he's advanced in reading, too, but I don't think he's anywhere near her level, from what you've said before.

    Nice on the dentist, and having "pearly" teeth. I still need to take mine to the dentist, I keep putting it off, because of the cost...


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