Wednesday, April 18

Miss 4

there were cuddles to begin the day
singing happy birthday
a dancing birthday cow online
balloons and presents
a camera flash not working!
fun with new toys
baking together
quiet play and snuggles on a thundery day

(today was ours
the kiddie party on Sunday.)

Happy Day of Birth my pixie.


  1. Isn't it fun to have the special day all to yourself. Love having separate kiddie party on the not it day. Love the photos.

  2. was hoping you'd have some pics of little miss 4...a whirlywind for sure, but even in these i can see how looong she has become, not an ounce of babyfat left...bittersweet...

  3. love the determination on her face in the bottom right photo!

  4. Happy birthday, Little Miss. Looks like she had fun :) Two more months till mine is four. Can't believe it. (Am I going to say that every year?)


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