Wednesday, April 4

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Her drawings leapt almost over-night from stick-figures (with limbs and no bodies) to full story-like creations. A wonder to see.

reposting this one as her paper drawings have been drawn over and over.

Little Miss Food-Weary is so great at at least giving things a try and I couldn't believe when she actually enjoyed a lentil soup I made, and asked for it again! It was such a different flavour to everything else she has that it made me beam and beam. It's all about getting her to try and hopefully accept different flavours really.

The thing is, she eats really well. All the main food groups, and other than occasional crisps/chips, and very occasional fructose-sweetened chocolate, it's all super wholesome.

What else.... oh yes, she's getting on the loo on her own. She's playing for longer on her own (although still needs a ton of encouragement). Her vocabulary is as amazing as ever. She's enjoying music more.

She's decided that she is 'shy'. She's always been cautious, and needs a few/several minutes before she warms to a situation or person. I'm happy that she is vocalising her need - I'm shy right now mama. And when she's ready - I'm not shy any more mama! And she leaps in and chats away to child and adult alike.

Can't really remember when she stopped referring to herself in the 3rd person, but I recall it was in line with normal cognitive development. And now she's doing it again. Not sure whether it's because I sometimes say 'mama loves you' and similar 3rd-person phrases, or something else altogether.


  1. I fondly recall the giddiness I felt when my little one's drawings magically, elaborately came to life. Now there's words too! Good mama-stuff!

  2. I love how she calls herself "shy." I was a shy little girl at times. Often I find people don't get shy kids any more. Why can't a person be shy sometimes? Does everyone have to be "on" all the time and sharing everything? Loved the post.


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