Friday, March 16

popping in

It's a crazy week over here. Major house works, ill child, so much sorting and planning and deciding.....

I'm considering giving up joy pockets for good, we don't have that many participants really. I will likely do something related, but over at my personal blog, or extend senses shared.....

If you have done a joy pockets this week, let me know anyway!

Anyway, off to deal with the craziness..... have a beautiful weekend friends.


  1. wahhhhhhhh. I'm sad!
    but hopefully someone will take it over if you feel like letting it go.
    big hugs,

  2. Hi Mon, I did but I forgot to link, been manic too.

  3. Joy pockets, I've only reently discovered them, thanks to Lucy Pearce and her link to your blog. Joy Pockets are fabulous, even if you only write them down for yourself, please dont stop! its a fab idea, and something to look at when pockets are not full of joy xx I started something at the Winter Solstice called Bringing Back the light, where i wrote down the things I had achieved, beyond the cooking and washing, and now the Equinoxial energies have stirred the planet, it has evolved into "The Greening" and finding a balance in the day. eg if something bad happened, do something fab to balance it out. just my thoughts! I have to go and do a blog post now!


  4. I just did mine today! I've had Spring fever, no computer for a while and the kids were sick for a while! I love Joy Pockets! <3 Sorry about your sick sweet girl! Here's to getting well soon!



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