Monday, February 27

enjoying young

Lots of talk about being 4 these days, which she'll be in mid April.

People use the phrase, 'you're such a big girl' - as a compliment.

I find myself using similar phrases, that she can now do such-and-such because she's bigger, as encouragement. Or sometimes as fact - you can do that when you get bigger.

What I really want is for her to not look to the horizon of years, but to enjoy being a kid.


  1. Theo, my oldest at almost five, recently told me that he does not want to be a grown-up however, he really would like to be old enough to drive a boat. ;) I can handle that!

    Your last sentence really grabbed me. Beautiful.

  2. my little boy is 5 since january.
    I hope he'll enjoy being a kid as much as he can.

    time goes by really fast.
    let's live in the present moment. the future will be here soon enough.


  3. yes, it so easy to rush it unconsciously, isn't it, and establish that pattern of always looking to the future for twins especially are so desperate to be older, because they want to be doing all the things their older sister does (well, more my son than younger daughter, she is more in the moment naturally.)

  4. Hi M- Lovely to meet you-
    As my monkeys get older I try to encourage them in saying that they are able to understand and speak in a mature fashion- sometimes I know that they can grasp a concept yet I know that they still lack the life experience.

  5. ~i couldn't agree more...there is plenty of time to be "big"...its hard sometimes refraining from such words and coming up with a suitable alternative...they get so excited to BE each age...if only they new what lies ahead!!! best of luck offering praise in the most nourishing of ways...much love light and blessings...btw...i adore your new header!!!

  6. Oh I agree with you, sometimes I think we are unvolontarily pushing our kids to be older than their actual age, when I realize that my son is only 2 years old and we have already so many demands and obligations for him to fulfill I feel like we really need to slow down and enjoy the moment both us parents and him. He'll have all his life to grow up!

  7. Ren , i like the idea of the word 'mature' if i feel the need to use a term.

    for us it's really mostly physical things, being big enough to do certain things. but kids seem to quickly latch on this 'getting big is good' idea too easily!

  8. Me too, Monica. And that last sentence is beautiful. Now that we have two children, the Big Girl Thing is wholeheartedly welcomed/wanted or rejected. One minute: I can do it myself/I'm a big girl now. The next (end of the day/tired/feeling lost now the usurper is here): But mummy, I'm still little. Delicate stuff.

  9. Oh yes, I have been thinking of that lately in relation to learning to use the potty. Some people say a variation of "you're a big girl now so you must wear big girl undies, not nappies like a baby". I don't like the terminology, it is both ridiculing, and also implying bigger is better. Pushing them forward all the time.

  10. Michael is always talking about getting bigger so he can be a daddy. I think it's a lovely thing to look forward to, but I also tell him to stop growing so quickly! He just thinks that's funny. I love when he crawls into my lap and says he's my baby. He wants to still be a baby while embracing being a "big boy" and looking forward to growing up all at the same time.


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