Monday, September 12

chalk drawing

Although you've drawn many pictures, you have always preferred colouring and playing with colours. So it was a surprise when you picked up some chalk and drew a whole scene off your own volition!


  1. Like mother, like daughter :-)

  2. Oh wow. That's so cute! Love that she has given the sun a smiley face too :)

  3. how lovely - isnt it such a thrill to see the artistic side of the children develop - we wrote out thank you cards yesterday and while I did the writing, Butterfly illustrated everyone with a picture she thought the recipient would like - and her Mumma's heart swelled with happiness :)

  4. I am always surprised when Michael wants to do any art, period. And he drew an M at school the other day! It's so fun to see what they can and want to do.

    I can see she has some talent there, too. Michael still scribbles--that's why I was so impressed with the M!


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