Monday, May 30


Definitely not a water baby, but you love playing with it. Always asking for water in a bucket in the garden. Usually to stir with a stick, plop stones in, or to used to 'write' on rocks.

You love 'washing up'.
This means pouring water in and out of receptacles, washing various toys (mostly the dinosaurs) and wet paper around the sink. One of the few activities that holds your interest for a long time.

You have yet to venture in all the way, being a cautious kiddo. But this year you seem keener and keener. So far we've only visited the beach to get our feet wet, so we'll see when we go properly what you decide to do.
You love splashing and throwing stones in.

How are your kids with water?


  1. Lovely photographs. Your girl is having so much fun there : )
    And that sea water looks sublime.

    I have a total water baby. Can't get her out of the water/baths/sea/pool most of the time. She's been like that from the word go.

  2. Ahh, water. Lovely photos. Some of mine have been water dabblers as little ones,and then grew into skilled enthusiastic fish. Others have been fish right from the git go. Sometimes it was the water temperature that dictated their level of comfort, as some were more easily chilled. And others were simply more tactile sensitive.

    What a wonderful way to document these snippets of who your daughter is right now. Beautiful.

  3. My 2 year old fella likes painting with a big brush dipped into a lavender scented bubble bath filled water bucket. He did this activity for several hours on the outside wall of our house the other day!!! It must have been very therapeutic, doing the bricks one at a time and all the while smelling the wonderful lavender. Water in all its forms is truly wonderful. How lovely to have such a beautiful ocean nearby for your daughter to explore. Heaven!!!

  4. beautiful pics. and love how you present snippets of your life now.

    aoife is cautious too in the pool and in the sea, but loves playing with water at home or in the bath.

    btw, posted about the differences of the blogs on cwl.

  5. Oh, your pictures are so sweet. My daughter is very dainty, even at four years old, she doesn't much like making a mess. If playing in water means getting her shirt wet, she'd rather not. We live on an island and the water is *cold* even in the summer, so she never goes beyond her ankles.

    My son, however, is a different story :) He will make a beeline from the forest path to the water, directly in to the water without hesitation. Even in November! He's almost three and getting a better handle on wet=cold , but for a while there I didn't even take him to the beach. He has a wet suit for this summer, which I think he's going to have a lot of fun with.

    Both of my kids like to "cook" with water (filling up different cups and pots and pans) in the kitchen sink, and would live in the bath if they could.

    Thanks for sharing about your daughter, she sounds lovely.
    Take Care,

  6. My girl absolutely adores being in the water. She is always the last to come out of it, whether it's the pool, the tub, or the ocean. She, too, will paint rocks :)and make "soup". And is it her favorite thing to drink (mine too :)). The boy loves it too, but equally and without prejudice against other things. Funny enough, I don't share the same affinity for being in it. I love to look at the water, but unless it is 88 degrees or above, I am staying out!!

    The water where you live, looks absolutely stunning, and the second photo is beautiful :).

  7. MJ, I'm like you, in needs to be a super hot day and warm water.

  8. such cute photos! ezra is water shy. he lived two years as you know by the sea and had his own swimming pools in the resort we lived at... but, he preferred the shallow waters of the baby pool and calm beaches with no waves. i have always let him lead the way - not a mom to throw my kid in the water. he is very very cautious... he also doesn't like the idea of taking a bath, but once he's in it he doesn't want to get out. loves playing with water and loves to get wet in the rain!!!

  9. Love the second photo!

    Michael loves water, it's very calming for him. He loves washing the dishes in the sink, but runs so much water it drives me crazy. Would love a little kid sink that recycles the water.

    Loves swimming, loves baths and showers, pouring his water glass onto his plate, or pouring in general. Loves drinking water, splashing puddles, painting with water colors, throwing pebbles in a stream, getting in stream...

    I think the only water-related activity he doesn't like is getting his hair washed.

  10. I know I LOVED water as a kid. My mom's a mermaid you know... how could I not love the water!

  11. What a lovely post! Love the photos of your daughter!

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  12. I think children are drawn and repulsed by water equally. Fear, love. Too much, totally immersed. I love the ebb and flow of that as they learn to trust themselves and explore!

  13. both of my kids are water babies! in fact, if there's a body of water within 10 feet, they are wet! pools, the river, the ocean - all loved and all explored til mom says enough. cold water, wrinkled skin, teeth chattering - doesn't seem to bother them at all. i must admit, they get it from ME :)

  14. I have wonderful memories of my son tossing stones into water. I hand him rocks, he magnificently skips them across the pond. Love.


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