Friday, May 27

joy pockets

this little ray of light

you're my best friend mama (!?)
tea by the sea
ice cream in waffle cones
receiving my won give-away package
blogs without word verification
a distant horizon in the early morn
beach time
re-awakening the studio
journaling again

share with me your joy pockets this week

Lisa @ My World Edenwild
MJ @ Wander, Wonder, Discover
Septembermom @ My Voice, My View
The Wild Magnolia - welcome!


  1. What an a beautiful little fairy!! Beach time and a distant horizon are things that brought me some joy this week too, I hope to share...
    Have I mentioned how much I adore joy pockets? I will have to join again tomorrow.

    Happy weekend Mon
    xx oo

  2. wow, the NEXT button -- thank you for sharing that link! it will change my blog reading forever! :)

    i, too, love reading your joy pockets.

  3. Too adorable! I love the light in that that your studio? And yay for re-awakening the studio!

    You're lucky...apparently Michael's best friend is our

  4. love reading other people's pockets so yes, do join me MJ

    lovely to see you here sarah.

    that's funny Lisa. thing is, i've no idea where she even picked up the term, let alone use it correctly.

  5. reawakening the studio sounds wonderfully inviting

    Great pockets this week. The picture is adorable. I think I'll add my own pockets later on today. Thanks!

  6. Such a cute picture of the wildflower! So happy to hear you're back in the studio. Definitely need to check out that next button. And if you fancy another giveaway I've just put one up on my blog so come on over!

  7. I have no idea where Michael got the term, either! It shocked us both when we heard it, lol.

    Oh, and I went and added the next button (four of them, actually, depending on what topic I feel like reading). It's pretty awesome. Thank you for bring that to my awareness, lol.

  8. My joy pockets are up on my blog. Hope you're having a great weekend! Here's the link:

  9. My pockets are finally up :)! And I broke the 1 pic rule... sorry, could not help it!! So much joy this past week :)!!

  10. Great Sunday discovery, Holistic Mum and Joy Pockets. I blogged one of my own just now.

    Happy Sunday!

  11. Hey Mon, can't find your email address, don't know if I have it, so forgive me posting here, feel free to remove it (though would be delighted it any other creative mamas wanted to respond too!) Am doing a little research and you came to mind...

    I am writing a long piece on the subject of creative mothers and would love to include lots of mothers' voices in it.

    As a mother I know who has managed to establish herself as a creative person at the same time as being a hands-on mother, I would be so honoured if you would share a little of your experience...

    What vision did you have of yourself as a mother BEFORE you had children? How did you think your life would look/ your role would be? What influence did YOUR mother have on this?

    How did this measure up to the reality of mothering?

    How far developed were you in your creativity before you had children? How did having children affect your path?

    How did you balance your creative and mothering sides:  practically, emotionally, energy-wise?

    What drove you to do this?

    Did you have any mentors, models for how to do this? Any words of wisdom given to you?

    Where were your greatest challenges?

    What are you most proud of now, looking back?

    Just a couple of sentences for each would be wonderful, unless you feel called to really get stuck in and write me whole paragraphs!

    Deadline? My experience is that if you don't do it now, the chances are you'll forget about it! I would really like to have all this compiled by the end of June at the latest.

    Please let me know how you would like your comments to be attributed: I would like to use first and last name, age, number of children, your art form and location, if this is acceptable to you:
    (e.g. Lucy Pearce, 30, mother of 3, a writer based in East Cork, Ireland)
    Or more biographical information if you are happy...
    I would really appreciate an image of yourself too, preferably with some of your work!

    I have big hopes to inspire mothers in their mothering and their creativity, and am really excited about you being part of this.

    Thank you, thank you for taking a moment and sharing so generously,

  12. sweet moments.... what a pretty little fairy!

  13. You are welcome :). The blue in the dress matches her gorgeous blue eyes too. Nice photo editing going on, I love looking at these great pics and of the Adriatic Sea. Would so love to visit there one day, we just had some lovely wwoofers from Czech, one who had never experienced the sea! xx

  14. I am all over that Next button!! Using it now. :)


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