Friday, April 29

joy pockets

a rest during a seaside walk

It's been a while, so a longish one.

the silence & solitude of dawn
secret paths
adding brown rice and pistachios to her diet
the smell of a storm-tossed sea
watching Black Swan
a kiddie birthday party on the beach
autism awareness month
chocolate... on that day
her laughter as she flies down a slide
her glow as she goes on the 'big' slide by herself
I is for Inches
letting go of worry over one woman's hangups
tasting her first birthday cake... a week before her own
little trips around the bay
fresh hot-cross buns
feeling lighter
the smell of the sea in her hair
spreadable butter
natural shampoo bars
how she smiled when 'happy birthday' was sung to her
collecting hidden eggs
squeezing orange juice together

share with me your joy pockets this week

Raising a Sensitive Child


  1. Up 'till now, I only visited you 'Bohemian Shadows'blog Mon... but I finally woke up and looked a bit further... from now on, I will be following this blog too. See you more! ;)

  2. How nice to see you here Marit.

  3. I love the picture, she looks inquisitive and peaceful at the same time :). And I am intrigued with the shampoo bar!! Have you used it??! I am so tired of using yucky shampoo with all those chemicals that I can't pronounce. I may have to try the bars! Black swan. Hmmm. I have flickered over and again on whether I want to see that or not. I hear it's difficult, but good, something I definitely have to be in the right mood for. Anyway, sorry for rambling, I've missed Joy pockets!!

  4. pretty pockets... i like the things you do.

  5. Love this artistic. She looks curious and innocent. She looks like a Wildflower!

  6. I can smell the sea air from your post. I joined in on Joy Pockets this week.

  7. MJ, not these bars specifically, but have used some in the past. they're great, just takes getting used to using a bar rather than shampoo.

  8. beautiful photo! :) i heard you are leaving breadcrumbs for those of us who want to follow your creative work- is that going on at bohemian shadows or elsewhere (can i be nosy?) ;)


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