Thursday, April 28

a, b, c

Ah, so I think I'm ready to get back unto the blogging merry-go-round. It's been a wonderful break. Although there's been some lack of motivation along with that. I finally came up with a solution.

I need my non-mama space, somewhere eclectic not just for my art. Also, in focusing on heavier discussions and specifics, I tend to miss recording the smaller moments. I'm capturing some of them through joy pockets, but not enough detail.

I now want to hand over Holistic Mama to 100% parenting and home. My astrology, spiritual journey, food, art, creativity, photography, general musings, frivolous ponderings, design, film....... all over at my new place (if I've visited you recently I left you a trail *wink*).

As I made dinner and she sat playing with her magnetic letters, she recited the alphabet, the sing-song version (where in British English it ends with zed and not zee so doesn't rhyme as well)... about 70% correctly. I've never taught it to her. She's picked it up from various places.

I don't even want to teach her the alphabet. Firstly, she's only 3 and doesn't require it for a long time. Secondly, it's not my preferred method for teaching reading (sounds being superior to letter names).

But this is organic learning... doing it because she just picked it up.


I'll do joy pockets tomorrow, and a monthly review next week. Do Join me.


  1. lovely to have you back - funny how they do pick up things - I've noticed that with my own Butterfly - I don't set out to "teach" her anything (whereas I slaved over print offs and flashcards and the like with her brother when I knew no better) - and yet, whether it is because of having an older brother or whether it is just from the lives we lead now, she is so aware of things and constantly surprises us (like counting perfectly one morning out of the blue), recognising road signs and words, coming out with surprising vocabularly (such as naming something the apparatus yesterday). All so much more enjoyable and relaxed and lovely for us all. How I wish I'd known better before, but what was, was, and now we just make the most of what is.
    I find I would like to have a place to record the deeper thoughts, and also a place to record the daily stuff - one to be a journal as it were, one more of a pictoral record book of what we did - I might well do as you are and split the two into two separate blogs - looking forward to hearing more now you are back in the land of the blog!

  2. They're just sponges aren't they?

    Yes, I was thinking of HM as a journal of our/her days primarily.

  3. I taught Michael the letters at 18 months because he seemed interested, but then realized it was useless for reading, since he only learned the letter names not sounds. But he still enjoyed knowing what they were called. He's picked up the song somehow, too. I think he gets LMNO jumbled up. Now he knows all the sounds from watching a Leapfrog video, but I don't really care about him learning to read yet. Husband is way too eager for it, but I know there is a lot of development he still needs before he can really read comprehensively, and it's not like he's going to start educating himself through reading this young.

    As a side note...on the news the other day I heard them say that most kids are already a year behind when the reach kindergarten, and I was like WHAT??? How can they be behind before they are even supposed to begin???

    I just want him to learn when he's ready.

  4. Dear Monica,
    I am also glad that you are back refreshed. I can't wait to see more glimpses of your day to day life. These simple things and moments are always very intriguing to me.
    Where is your new blog? What is it called?
    I like to idea of organic learning. Our daughter has also picked up so many words, expressions and thing from just being around others, it is amazing. Leyla and I only speak German and I am always surprised of her ability to pick additionally all these English/American expressions (one example: she recently saw something surprising and said: "oh my gosh"). I also realize more and more that all will happen just in time. She will learn and she will develop.
    I think to me it is more important to help her learn to deal with big emotions, or to understand the emotions in others. She is a pieces and extremely intuitive and perceptive already. So our regular "teaching-learning" sessions are about emotions.
    Love from Eva

  5. Yay Mon, so glad you're back (I'll be back from Monday too- needing a month longer than I had originally planned because of a sudden hospital stay and recovery period) and can't wait to see how this place develops. As well as the other place.

  6. Will you have an official unveiling? I love all of your creative manifestations!

  7. Lisa - her grand-dad is the same, telling me to start teaching her letters and reading. What is this anxiety to push our children. You know in Europe the average age to start them on reading is 7? In UK it's pre-school (age 4) and the literacy rate is significantly better in Europe.

    Why does a 4 yr-old have to read? Teach them when they're developmentally ready and they'll get it quicker and enjoy it more.

    rant over.....

    Hi Eva, mine does 'goodness me', more British. lol
    Yes! Dealing with life is SO much more important than academics. We're obsessed with academics.

    Carin, I didn't know! Hope you're much better dear.

    Lovely Jenell, always a pleasure to see you.

    I'm over at bohemian twilight ;

  8. Welcome back!! Missed you much! And I love that your daughter is loving learning in the most natural and wonderful ways, the way it should be. No pressure, no force, just joy and living. Looking forward to reading your other blog too!!

  9. Been missing you too, and I am so glad you left a link to your new site in the comments! I was like, but WHERE are you, my dear Mon?! :)

    Glad to see you,


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