Friday, March 18

joy pockets

fooling around with daddy

a day of friends, food, fun
sharing kindle books
adding cheese to her food list
talking about books
seeing her share so well
watching an old Cary Grant film before she wakes
coffee by the sea-front

share with me your joy pockets this week

Dreaming Aloud
Wander, Wonder, Discover
life as it is

p.s, I'm doing joy pockets fortnightly.


  1. What a joyful picture :). Coffee by the seafront sounds divine!!! I have blog silence today for Japan but will have my pockets up tomorrow!!

  2. i like joy pockets. ; ) what a sweet face. i love when you visit my blog too and coming here. i'm an official follower now. -anushka

  3. Here are mine :)

  4. what a fantastically joyful photo!!

    Funny, I just remembered the other day how I used to love Cary Grant films (have been having a retro few days) - am going to go and seek out a CG film this weekend if i can - what is your favourite ? I remember Father Goose very fondly

  5. Bohomumma, Arsenic & Old Lace cracks me up every time. Ido love him in comedies.

  6. Here are my joy pockets for this week :)...

  7. One happy little bebeh there :)

    You can see the love-light in her eyes...

  8. I have just been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award - and I, get to award it on. So here it is from me to you, to recognise that I love your work. And am fully aware that this might not be "your sort of thing" (or that you already have it!)

  9. hi Mon, just popping in to say hello..& send some love..

    must admit am missing your insightfull postings, but completely understand the taking time out!
    was also wondering if spiral sisters is's disappeared lol. Oh & am really missing your astrological/moon postings..that stuff would be great chanelled into a book;)

    best wishes..hope you're keeping well.

  10. I saw a new joy pockets in my reader, but tried to click over and it's disappeared! I posted one today.

  11. What a lovely blog, so much to think about so much to inspire. I think I'm a mindful mama too. I do love my children dearly but the joy to be had sitting in peace felting, or painting or just simply being.

    just posted a joy pocket on my blog, found you courtesy of Earthenwitch
    joy pocket to be found here.

  12. Have a notion it's nearly birthday time for your girl? If so, hope you're having happy times and sunshine days. :)


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