Friday, March 4

joy pockets

creating a photo that i love

"Mama, please be kind to my feet." (request for foot caresses)
a new play house for the kids
time with friends after a long separation
adding porridge to her food list
my entire wardrobe de-cluttered
enjoying myself on goodreads
her first art on the fridge

share with me your joy pockets this week

p.s, I'm doing joy pockets fortnightly.


  1. So many things to be joyful about! Beautiful :-)

  2. lovely blog....found you while blog surfing. that photo is so beautiful and calming.
    and fridge art is so wonderful. I waited so many years to have my OWN kids decorating my fridge. : )

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! That photo is so beautiful I'm jealous.

    Love the foot kindness request! Wish I could get my boy to eat porridge. I probably haven't served it enough.

    I think my joy pockets would be that I actually feel calm for the first time this week, and that my little boy's vomit in the bed last night wasn't as bad as it could have been. *Sigh* It's been a rough week. Well, okay, and I got a pack of back order magazines from Mothering in the mail. And my teeth are clean. And I got a quart of my favorite ice cream and ate it all. And all the love my little boy gave me.

  4. a box of chocolate from a friend in switzerland. my crazy little 3 year old monkey stopping his reign of terror to look in my eyes as he hugs me and tell me he loves me after kissing me on top of my head. a filet mignon, rye with brie, broccoli salad, homemade lemonade, and good conversation with a friend for lunch. I have much to be joyful about...and thankful for.

  5. Drawing a Magnolia flower, step by step and noticing close up this spring flower.

    After decorating the fridge, the decoration of your books begin. Be aware! ;-)

  6. I love that, 'please be kind to my feet.' How very precious. :)

  7. Welcome Lady Cordelia!

    Feeling calm is a wonderful joy pocket Lisa.

    Anon, goodness, chocolate always rates highly in joy inducement!

  8. I love your joy pockets. I haven't done one lately and feel the need coming :). Speaking of Good reads, I'm lots on books this week, including several giveaways, so hope you stop back by :).

  9. just stumbled upon your little corner of the web.

    lovely space you have here. gentle and inspiring. xo

  10. I could use a little foot kindness myself. Joy pockets is a wonderful idea!


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