Friday, March 18

joy pockets

fooling around with daddy

a day of friends, food, fun
sharing kindle books
adding cheese to her food list
talking about books
seeing her share so well
watching an old Cary Grant film before she wakes
coffee by the sea-front

share with me your joy pockets this week

Dreaming Aloud
Wander, Wonder, Discover
life as it is

p.s, I'm doing joy pockets fortnightly.

Tuesday, March 15

a medley

The Wildflower is blossoming. She's as healthy as ever, spritely as ever. She's alternating between being the most co-operative she has ever been, being less contrary, and pushing hard against the proverbial boundaries.

Her eating is improving all the time [she started on solids very late]. We seem to add a new food every couple of weeks. Porridge, cheese, walnuts, and new jar-food fruit mix, in the last two months.

I was going to grow her hair long, but she still had lots of baby fuzz at the back which tangled terribly. So she's been sporting a bob since we returned from England. She actually looks cute with it.

♦ ♦

I worked out how to make a gorgeous pita (veg/meat in flaky pastry). Spinach is in season and tastes so yummy in it.

I also made banana and choc-chip muffins for the first time. YUM.

♦ ♦

Husband has been super busy sorting out our visas for the coming year. It's the biggest headache, and once it's done, the most laughable event of the year.

♦ ♦

We had a lovely weekend with friends over, good food, laughs, kids playing, and even managed time outside in some sun.

♦ ♦

Almost every morning after breakfast and cartoons, we draw or paint.

♦ ♦

We found free broadband in the city centre. But discovered we can't get a cheap option with 3G at our home. [we're on an never-ending quest for decent internet access at home]

♦ ♦

The news is on a lot, as we keep up with Japan's disaster. But I'm annoyed when some people have said that before this, and the uprisings in Egypt and Middle East, there was little news. Disasters make good stories, but there are countless tragedies going on in the world every day. Get off mainstream news and you'll find it.

♦ ♦

Finally, we can breathe a little this year. Financially we are steady.

♦ ♦

The Wildflower is done with midday naps! She has a slightly longer night sleep, so it's about the same. It means I have almost no time to myself (except when daddy can be with her), but I'm much less anxious about this then I would've been not so long ago. And it does mean a little more sleep for me... which is great.

♦ ♦

I'm feeling more relaxed than I have been in the longest time. I will write more on this at some point.

Do join me with Joy Pockets this Friday, I'm missing all your lovely moments that you share here.

Monday, March 7

February books

The Help, Kathryn Stockett Photobucket

I was fortunate to find this one in a charity shop. I had been eyeing it on Amazon for months. I'm glad I waited because I didn't find it anywhere near as wonderful as it's many reviewers did. It is a good story, from the viewpoint of black servants. Bravely attempted by a white writer. I think she did a pretty good job, imh(white)o. The secondary story, a romance, is really poor. I did enjoy the novel as a very light read, I just wouldn't recommend it at full price.

The Forgotton Garden, Kate Morton Photobucket

I enjoyed this one very much. It's a tale to immerse yourself in purely for the pleasure of losing oneself in a good story. Mystery, romance, loss, ghosts, three time periods, the meaning of family. Set in Australia and England, and best of all (for me), ultimately on the Cornish coast. It has it's flaws but it's a very good Summer read methinks.

Eleven Minutes, Paulo Coelho

Quite horrid. Begins well enough, but it descends into this pseudo-philosophical-psycho-babble-sex-manual-romance travesty. This was my first Coelho, so I will give him another go with something completely different. His writing style is mediocre but readable enough. Just need to find a good story of his. I know The Alchemist was a best seller.


Grumpy Cat, Britta Teckentrup
age: 1-3

A very simple tale and simply illustrated. A grumpy cat is a really a lonely cat, and is befriended by a kitten. Not a favourite but nice if you find it in the library or on sale.

The Cow That Laid an Egg , Andy Cutbill
age: 2-5

Marjorie feels unspecial, compared to her hand-standing, bike-riding cow friends. So the kind chickens help out by making it seem she laid an egg. She becomes famous and the egg finally hatches. Will she be caught out? Quite amusing. My girl loves cows and eggs cracking open, so she enjoys this. I think the illustrations would be better appreciated by over 3s.

Monkey Puzzle, Julia Donaldson
age: 1-3

I've seen this on many Amazon lists and never bought it because the descriptions were so vague. It turns out it's a sweet story about a monkey looking for his mother. A butterfly tries to help but keeps finding the wrong mamas. My girl loves most mother-child type stories, as well as animals, so this is a hit. Wish I had found it when she was younger.

Scarface Claw, Lynley Dodd
age: 3-5

She loves the Slinky Malinki series, so I was happy to find this at the library. This one brings out the 'villian' of the original for his own spot in the limelight. He isn't afraid of anything, but himself! I will end up buying it because she'll have it re-read as much as the others.

Read anything good last month?

Friday, March 4

joy pockets

creating a photo that i love

"Mama, please be kind to my feet." (request for foot caresses)
a new play house for the kids
time with friends after a long separation
adding porridge to her food list
my entire wardrobe de-cluttered
enjoying myself on goodreads
her first art on the fridge

share with me your joy pockets this week

p.s, I'm doing joy pockets fortnightly.

Wednesday, March 2

February in Review

February began with our last week in England, then settling back into our own rhythm.

A thought...
It's good to choose less.

A sound...
Husband trying to indoctrinate the little one with Bruce Springsteen. !!

A taste...
shortbread biscuits

An image...

A scent...
Incense wafting into every corner of the house, greeting the home on our return.

A word... (anything word related)
Finished reading House of Mirth and enjoyed it.

A touch...
Unexpected snow.

A gift for me...
Blogging only every 2nd week.

A post you may have missed...
My philosophy for the year.

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