Tuesday, February 15

my girl + thankyous

I adore her.

Although I stopped passing on bloggy awards quite some time ago, I feel bad for not thanking those who have kindly thought of me.

So thanks to...

The Globetrotting Gamine for the Stylish Blogger award. And the same one from MJ at Wander Wonder Discover. Thanks to Captivus Living for the Trendy Blogger award.

And sort of combining elements of each and making up my own thing, here are 5 confessional things about me...

  1. When eating pizza, I usually leave the crust.
  2. I suck at social etiquette (like formal thankyous, offering refreshments, phonecalls) but I care deeply.
  3. I will leave off washing my hair until I need to see other humans.
  4. Although I thoroughly enjoy cooking, if I lived alone I would probably only do so once a week (or less).
  5. If I had the funds I would truly love to send all my readers mail art.

If it's been a while since you checked the Holistic Mamas roll, take a peek at the latest list.


  1. Great list! I am with you on the hair washing. I don't even wash it for humans, I use pony tail holders for a day, or two. I can't believe I just admitted that. Have a great day Mon!

  2. Your little girl is beautiful! I too suck at social etiquette and yet care deeply :)

  3. What a gorgeous photo of your girl! I'm really curious how you got that shot and how you treated the photo. It's just so pretty.

    I suck at social etiquette, too, even though I do want everyone to feel appreciated, welcomed, and comfortable. I really hate making phone calls, especially.

    I loved cooking a lot more before I had a little one underfoot. *Sigh*

  4. thanks Lisa.
    I took it with plenty of natural light streaming in, facing a neutral background. Desaturated and played with colour balance. Added bokeh texture over it. May have added a soft glow action. :)

  5. i heart your number 2, that is so me. that goes for number 3, 4, and 5 too. i do like my pizza crust though.

    ps. thank you for your sweet words over on my little blog...it filled my heart.

  6. I love this post. And someone is getting SO BIG! What a cutie! I'm usually pretty good with the etiquette stuff though never as good as I want to be. xo

  7. Until five years ago I never ate my crusts - now I eat their crusts!

    Love the pic - wish I understood your techno photography speak so I could take pics like that too!! ;)

    Thanks for stopping by Dreaming Aloud

  8. Oh, yes, I can see now how you desaturated and changed the color balance. Impressive this was all natural light. I don't know what bokeh texture is though?

  9. That girl is so lovely - gorgeous shot. Love what you've done here.

    I completely relate to 1 & 2 of your list. I do get slightly odd looks when I thrust glasses, cups, bottles of wine/pots of tea at visitors when they arrive with instructions to: "please feel free to help yourself to whatever, whenever, as I may forget to offer stuff". I think it's quite an efficient way to do it really. Hehe. A strategy developed as a result of mortification, but perhaps lacking, in er, delicacy.

  10. That is such a beautiful pic of your girl! Would love to swap camera tricks :) what did you get? So exciting and fun! Will be in touch...

  11. This photo took my breath away! Love it.


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