Friday, February 18

joy pockets

Monet's Touch
It looks like I photoshopped the heck out of it. Nope. 
Only upped the contrast.
Extreme sunshine + many small flowers + short depth of field.

working out my new camera
making digital art
sunshine streaming through windows
"Look mama, lots of dances on my feet"
Wormworld Saga {hat-tip lilolu}
deleting over 500 old emails
unjoining 4 online social groups
Nourish Me series by Kat

share with me your joy pockets this week

p.s, I'll be doing joy pockets fortnightly.

The Curious Kitty
Maggie's Nest


  1. If I could delete 500 emails I would be joy filled too. I really should clean my inbox, glad that someone did it!
    I just read about that series on that new blog I've never read before. Sounds really interesting, I'm excited to read about food and nourishment.
    Love the picture!!

    My joy pockets this week are- texting with my old neighbor Mama everyday sharing funny stories, my son saying I love you to me, my dog cuddling next to my feet every night even though I have to scold her for chewing EVERYTHING lol, and my husband being so sweet.

  2. ~always joy you fill me with when i come over for a visit...reading the simple things puts life back in perspective...hehehe...could you come over and travel through my emails as well...uuuggghhh...i am terrible at going through them...happy dancing it...sounds as if your little and mine would make quite a pair!!! your photograph is heart is singing and longing for the warmth that is to come...sweet dainty buds slowly pushing through...a sign that all life will slowly start emerging and unfolding anew once more...thank you for this wonderful post...and for all your loving words sent forth as of fill my heart with joy!!! much love light and blessings be with you always~

  3. i love your photo! and i love that contrast button. checking out "Cinderella Ate My Daughter..."
    have a lovely weekend

  4. always feels so good to have a clear out - online or off

    Joy Pockets this week - loving handwritten notes from my son: fun times with my daughter enjoying some glimpses of spring sunshine: hearing both of them playing together nicely: booking the builders to install some new flooring and finally getting rid of the grotty carpet: making plans for my birthday::

  5. ah...gorgeous.

    i need to do a joy pocket post. love "lots of dances on my feet"...
    our highlight was watching an amazing sunset and full moon rise simultaneously last night..."or last day" as the boy likes to say.

  6. Hmm... Unjoining social online groups... I could probably do with trying that :)

    Here's mine :)

  7. lol, I love the title of that book! If I ever have a daughter, I'm reading it. Oh, and I think I deleted about 200 emails this week. Funny.

    Some joy pockets:
    -That texting with Cassie (above) gave her joy. It brings me joy, too. And a lot of laughter.
    -My little boy saying he was giving me a Valentine.
    -The hilarious things he's said this week.
    -Seeing owls in the forest.
    -Being in the forest--it was so beautiful!
    -Checking things off my list.
    -Thinking about how much I appreciate my friends.
    -Designing a meme button that I love.

  8. Cassie, there's just nothing like hearing them say those words is there?

    seeing and feeling spring just emerging is really hopeful, faerwillow

    Bohomumma, handwritten notes is my fave.

    what a beautiful sight cypress sun!

  9. Thanks for that nourish link. Last year my "word" was nourishing rhythms and I would love to continue my explorations and experiences of it. Hmmmm. Wonderful food for thought. (Ha!)


  10. I've never done anything fortnightly. I love that word. :)


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