Wednesday, February 2

January in Review

January has passed by in England - visiting family, a little shopping, eating, catching up with friends and extended family. We'll be home by Sunday night.

A thought...
Feeling irritation is a choice.

A sound...
Clang, clang, clink, clink, clang. Clonk. Clonk. Clonk. go the heating pipes at night

A taste...
Everything we don't normally get!
cheddar cheese, good brie, Fox's Viennese, clotted cream, toffee, good pizza, sliced bread, spices....

An image...


A scent...
Household cleaning products, including bleach. (I make my own).

A word... (anything word related)

Bookworm mama enjoying library time with my bookworm girl.
Our books.

A touch...
Icy wind that works its way right through your bones.

A gift for me...
Sinking into doing little.

A post you may have missed...
Other bloggers joining in with joy pockets.

Your reader's may have missed out on some content this month, you have new or occassional readers, or you didn't post much. Consider a Month in Review post. I know I can't keep up with all the wonderful blogs out there. Just copy & paste the headings above and add your responses.

Did you do a review? Let me know, and a link back of course would be nice.

The Curious Kitty
There's A Pickle in my life


  1. What a lovely idea : ) i plan to do my January in review this evening once the house is sleeping. thankyou xx

  2. goodness me January has passed me by in a bit of a blur, but I do like the idea of reviewing it. We've had so many big decisions to make and things to think about that I don't feel like we've done that much and although I've still not reached any decisions, I'm fed up with thinking about things - if you know what i mean. I think I'm going to send my brain on holiday in February and just get out and do stuff. Then maybe the decisions will make themselves!!

  3. My January In Review

  4. Love your new header! Will try to get a MiR post up soon.

    Now you have to tell me how you make your own bleach! I'm dying to know! LOL.

  5. I know what you mean Bohomumma, some decisions are just so consuming, that time passes and you feel it's been all given up to thinking and not much else.

    A break does usually help such decisions. The brain thinks more creatively in relaxed states.

    A Green Spell, oh no, didn't mean to imply I make my own bleach! lol I use vinegar in the toilet, for example.
    I think most of us are conditioned to think we need such strong stuff.

  6. Another great idea you brilliant, inspiring woman!

    January passed so quickly I feel I have had barely enough time to blink. A review is just what I need. :)

    Incidentally, Nottingham isnt all that far from my neck of the woods. Hope you had a lovely time, the parks there are brilliant and I love the trams.

  7. Here is my review :)

  8. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Beautiful picture!!
    I've always wanted to do a month in review but I just never got around to it. So here's my first one...

  9. I agree, feeling irritation is a choice. I love the photo, too. Sounds like you are enjoying the food! I was going to do a review but haven't felt like blogging much.


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