Monday, February 14

home and refreshed

We arrived home a week ago but I decided on a bloggy-break. Wanted to unpack, settle into home, do some cleaning and sorting and such. I also wanted to preserve the slower and simpler pace of our time away. Well, socially it was hectic, and we were out often. Yet I did away with my usual self-imposed demands. Out of our routine and away from my things, I settled into mostly just being. It was a necessary respite.

I returned refreshed and wanting to be domestic (well, a little any way, let's not go loca), as well as feeling oh so super clear.

I have a rough plan of action (and non-action). To achieve a couple of big things that I've, painfully slowly, been working on. I know many people jump in with NY resolutions, but I prefer to take the Winter to reflect and simmer. And simmer away I have.

My philosophy for this year is about Quality.

More precisely, quality over quantity. I huge life-long issue for me. Always wanting to do more. Either achieving my goals and feeling burnt out, or just as often, always busy and yet never accomplishing much. It incorporates the focus and simplicity that I've been nurturing throughout the previous year.

Some motivations (not keen on the word goals)...

work on my book
take many photos
consider promoting my art
nap regularly
read more fiction
never, ever compare my achievements with other bloggers
change the world in small ways
cultivate friendships
nourish my body

It may sound like a nice sweet list. But if you know me at all, you know these are all significant shifts. Some difficult ones. All necessary ones.

I've also come up with a fortnightly blogging plan. Blogging is a big part of my days and future aspirations, but there's no way round it that it takes a lot of time (if you're a conscientious blogger and comment on others' blogs). I can't blog and not comment, feels selfish. And I love commenting. But I don't want to stop blogging. So I'll blog every 2nd week. And take a whole week away to pursue and focus on other things. We'll see how this pans out.

Astrologically, this year won't be the tough task master of last year, (knocked most of us sideways, huh?) but it's still going to require perseverance and work from us. I hope you have found clarity, or at least some, to get you moving forward this year.


  1. Welcome home! Glad you are getting settled. I like your motivations, especially nap more often. I'm always surprised how much better the day goes with a nap.

  2. lovely to see you back in this do sound gloriously clear and refreshed {to be pronounced 'refresh-ED' -- it's more clarifying that}

    what a delicious list of motivations...and i must say i rather like your fortnightly much so that i might steal it, seeing as how i've been wrestling with trying to co-ordinate such a thing myself. the pendulum of the bloggy love-hate cycle has been swinging wildly as i try to prune the tangled hedge of "things to let go of" lol.

    so a hearty 'welcome back' and thanks for the mind-fodder..


  3. Cassie, i know. despite knowing how good it is, i'm terrible at it, but it's a motivation!

    Mel, i changed to blogging only 3 times a week, but i'm thinking that a stretch of time will be more useful. you know, better chance of really letting go.

  4. You sound refreshed...

    Love your motivations too. Esp. napping regularly. I love napping. We are big weekend nappers.

  5. I love your list!! I love to blog, but I do tip into the "too much" category for sure. My kids often try to remind me to stay balanced. Good for you to give yourself that time, I hope I can do the same :).

  6. Welcome back hun. glad your time in the uk gave you such clarity. love your list, especially the part of napping more (yep, 5 weeks in and i'm feeling sleep deprived lol)

  7. Wonderful list. I so appreciate all you insights and your way of creating meaningful community in the blog world.
    Happy Valentine's Day.
    Love form Eva

  8. I'm so with you on this! I love your schedule for blogging - that's something I need to work on to carve out some more off-line time for myself.

  9. Lovely list! I want to nap more often, but what with my wanting to accomplish so much this year, I'm going to try dedicating one month to focusing on rest (and if I manage to get preggie later this year, I'll be napping at every opportunity, anyway).

    Cultivating friendships really stands out to me. My two favorite mamas to hang out with both moved away from me recently. I really depended on them for companionship.

    And I really have to back off blogging, too, at least some of the time. Don't really have a schedule, just focusing on my list and using blogging as sort of a 'break' from doing. I have missed the giving and receiving of comments, though. I notice I've been on facebook at lot more because I am seeking interaction but don't have time to read a lot of blogs.

  10. your welcome backs are sweet to hear.

    yay to more naps.

  11. What a lovely list, you inspire me also to focus a bit more on quality.

  12. Welcome home to place & knowing.

    I agree on simmering in the winter months. It just makes sense psychologically..biologically..

    I like "daydream" the most..:)

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  14. thanks for stopping by my blog monica and taking the time to comment. i can relate to you words in these posts of slowing down and having quality vs. quantity. i've been fortunate enough to live that lifestyle on this island for the last almost two years and am getting nervous about leaving it and that lifestyle behind. a big change in my life is about to occur and i've got some spiritual work of my own to do in dealing with this transition. mostly i just need to let go.

  15. Great list. I second them all!
    And thank you for stopping by dreaming aloud too and taking time to comment. I am on a major writing/ blogging jab at the mo and loving it!


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