Monday, January 24

room for books

The time is really flying by here in England - a month has passed in a blink. We've been busy in a non-rushed sort of way. January is a bit of a social month, much like most people's December. So lots of food and chatter.

After the purchase of my camera, I can't say I've had the courage (or cash) to purchase anything else. But there's always room and money for books. Charity shops to the rescue, as well as Amazon 2nd-hand.

The luggage is reaching capacity, what with gifts for the Wildflower from friends and family. We've also bought several jigsaw puzzles for her.

I've been trying to read fiction while I'm here, so that I can leave those books behind. I read an awful Cecelia Ahern, completely not my thing. I'm enjoying Isabel Allende's, Daughter of Fortune. The Wildflower has fallen in love with A Kitten Called Moonlight - she's into the whole rescuing idea (Dora influence).

It'll probably be 6 months before we buy anything again!

My youngest niece made me proud by suggesting I leave some clothes behind to make room for more books.

Life Up Close:
The Awakened Heart


  1. oh my word...what an agonizing proposition....

    yes..definitely pitch the clothing in favour of more books in the baggage...


  2. lol...I love your niece's suggestion! So nice you've been able to get somethings you wanted. I'm struggling right now with not wanting to spend too much because we just spend a lot in November and December, but also wanting to get some things we really need now (like a new mattress) and some things I'm going to need/really want really soon. It just feels like too much spending!

  3. Yup! That would be me. Nude but over capacity with booksies. Ahhh me love them.

  4. When we lived in East Europe I was able to buy English children books via the British Council 2nd hand book sales and the shop of Oxford Uni. Press. They keep their prices very reasonable in order to promote the British language.
    Hope that helps you in the future when you daughter needs books.

  5. books not clothes - that girl's going to go far!!

  6. I smiled at your daughter wanting to rescue things. That's my girl to a tee. Today she was trying to save love bugs from mischievous bug killing boys.

  7. Oh yes...there's ALWAYS room for books! I second the Awakened Heart - nude and over capacity. I remember I once (somehow) persuaded someone at a flight desk to not charge me extra for my 10kgs of excess baggage, (largely books).

    I enjoyed the Allende too, and have to say I could never bring myself to read any Cecilia Ahern. Chick Lit is a genre I find very hard to embrace. I was once lectured on its academic merits. But I still think it's mostly a load of hairy bollocks. Or the lady version thereof.


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