Tuesday, January 11

moving forward

So here we are, a new year, lots of hope floating about with many people striving or dreaming of a 'better' year ahead. It was a whopper last year, wasn't it?

I'm not much of a goal maker. I tend to have visionary dreams and hopes and charge in with full enthusiasm, and accept things if life has other plans. But occasionally I like to take stock of what I have and haven't done or worked through, and consider how I want to move forward.

For me, the solstice and two lunar eclipses were points of attention, and what came up was the desire to apply what I learnt last year. Namely, simplification and focus. Learning it's not only okay but essential to regularly do nothing.

Learning concepts is the first step, taking them into our every cell and soul. And then we start to actually practice. Of course, it's not so distinct, it's a process of many overlaps. I've been simplifying throughout the previous year.

Being away from the 'net and my usual routine has been a gift. (We'll be in the UK another month). As well as being ill for 2 months. Many times, when we refuse to listen, our bodies will force us to. I'm happy to be back online, and overjoyed to feel better, but am also clearer about what I want and, more to the point, what I need to do.

Despite the 3.7million ideas swimming 'round in my head, tempting me away from inner peace, I must choose 2-3. Put my energies into them, focus, and finally, produce something soul-satisfying.

Two of these are, writing my book (mothering + astrology) and the other is a website/blog connected to that.

And if I get to live to 113 years, like my maternal great-great-mother, I may just have time to get to another dozen ideas.

Have missed you guys.
What are you putting into practice in the year ahead?


  1. I have a word for the year (never had one before): Intentionality. I don't want to be merely swept along; I want to determine more of my own path. Am dreaming dreams and making plans this week. Exciting. Will be making choices and choosing areas of focus like you, Mon.

  2. Welcome back Mon! So happy to hear from you and that you're feeling better and seemingly enjoying your change of pace in the UK. I love Louise's word "intentionality"..that's potent. I often feel like we are being swept along...waiting for something to happen to us as opposed to making it happen FOR us. I do need to sit down at some point soon and figure out what we want and need as a family and make that happen. Being back to a "routine", no matter how hectic it's been, has been satisfying. Looking forward to seeing some pics of the little one enjoying herself (oh and you guys too..hee, hee) Jenn xo

  3. That's a fab word Louise, very much in line with my current thinking so I can certainly relate to it.

    Hey Jenn! Making life happen for oneself and one's family is definitely infinitely more exciting than being swept along. good luck!!

  4. So glad you are back and so glad you are feeling better :). Focusing on change and abundance and staying present through it all...

  5. hey, wow, i've totally been feeling "intentional" this year so far, too, louise! mon, it's good to see you. that picture is beautiful, goes so well with the simplicity and focus theme.

  6. awesome post and ohhhh how I've missed this space. Trying to be much more "productive" this year.
    Can't wait to hear more about your new website idea and know that I will be on the list to buy your book!

  7. Bingo, once again Mon. Last year was MAD, horrible mad, too much, everything all at once, now, now, now. This year is one for taking stock, living off our own resources. This is the year of enough. Of enjoying our own abundance. And taking time to BE inbetween, to love our children, ourselves and each other a little bit better. Less doing and getting and making, and far more BEING.

    We hit a wall of illness since November, and it has given us a chance to slow down, reflect and cut down to the bare bones, of our lives and paring down the blubber on us all too!

    So this year's watchword is "enough", perhaps even "plenty", I am shrinking internally from "abundance"...

  8. Welcome back, missed you.

    Argh, I am having trouble keeping my list of goals down. I narrowed it down to just three simple goals, and then I felt inspired to work on some other ones, and then I realized that I want to work on my book even more than I realized...

    It's going to be interesting to see what I actually accomplish. I really want to be focused this year, but I also really want to DO. Maybe this is my year to be really accomplished, and then I can slow down next year...I dunno. I guess I'll just take it one month at a time and see what happens.

  9. welcome back - missed you, hope you had a good time.

    My word for the year is Open - being open to new experiences and trying new things, being open to making new connections and being more open about myself and who I really am. And that is where I am going to be concentrating my energies. Less computer time, more living life time.

    Good luck with your plans, love and light
    Bohomumma x

    PS One of the changes is that I am creating a new blog and going by a new name - I was julieslittlejoys, but now I'm Me!

  10. Those sound like wonderful goals!

    For me I usually don't have resolutions for a year. I just focus on the day. Today, tomorrow, being better, clearer, more focused, more patient, more quiet, more supportive...just each day to celebrate the now and usually then my creative ideas, energy and spirit hop right in there! :)

  11. Those are great goals. I love how you have really hone in on what you need to focus on. I confess I am all over the map. There is so much I want to do. My word for the year is joy. Good luck with everything.

  12. I need to find my word for this year....
    also, what's with all the changed astrology stuff going around facebook. Apparently I'm not a scorpio anymore, I'm a libra. not quite sure how to take this news.


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