Friday, January 28

joy pockets

It's after a tough week that writing up my joy pockets really comes into its own.

made-up impromptu yoga
enjoying a novel
the buzz from a new idea
small market towns
3 for the price of 2
"I'm ready for brekets (breakfast) now mama"

share with me your joy pockets this week

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  1. This is mine for the week

  2. I had a tough week too, but joined you this week! Lovely series.

  3. Hold on to those joy pockets. :)

  4. hey mon!

    here are mine...

    ~ spending the day with mica today (big brother was at ski class with papa)... mica turned magnets into beautiful cakes and juice, and we went up and down the stairs half a dozen times, and played baby dragons, and went outside into the courtyard and ate sweet potatoes and now he is playing with playdough while I type

    ~ an amazing experience in hakomi last night that is reverberating today... letting so much stuff come to light and reintegrate

    ~ living in cohousing

    ~ mild winters

    And thank you, Mon, for linking up to my post in last week's joy pockets! I am so glad to be connected with you and in conversation.

    deep blessings,

  5. Yay for yoga. I'm going to class once a week but have yet to develop a home routine.

    My little boy now gets so excited any time I say it's breakfast time, lunch time, etc. (has to have "time" on the end). He'll say, "Yay, lunch time!" It makes me happy, too.

    I did a joy pocket post, too.

  6. Back again :) I've actually added a Joy Pockets page to my blog to keep reminding me to do them and to get other people to try. Such a brilliant idea.

    I love toffee, even when it sticks on the roof of your mouth you can find joy as you end up tasting it for hours.

    Here are my Joy Pockets

    Wishing you a better week for this coming week.

  7. Loved reading everyone's joy pockets!! I posted mine today :).

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  8. I'm joining in too! What a great way to keep perspective, eh? Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. so great to have new joy pockters! :)


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