Friday, January 21

joy pockets

toddler time at the library
my stomach feeling 100% better
"The best part of unschooling is when there is no judgement
between the busiest day, and the laziest day."
{Wander Wonder Discover}
congrats + love Carin!
crisp, cold sunny days
naan bread
good luck with your new cyberhome Amy
getting on with family

share with me your joy pockets this week

The Curious Kitty
Dreaming Aloud


  1. For some reason, I think this is my fave 'joy pockets' many good, good things. Not least of all that lovely girl's smile and obvious delight.

  2. they sound like wonderful joy pockets!

    :: spending 20 minutes watching my dearest girl watching a horse in a field at the bottom of our road and realising this is our life - that we have the time to do that in our days - that all the efforts I've made to slow down and be fully present are paying off and creating joy pockets::

    :: sharing some wonderful books with the children::

    :: drinking a cup of chai latte at my favourite cafe and feeling full of contentment and bliss::

    :: going to Lush and smelling lots of different delicious scents and coming home with a zingy feel good soap for the morning showers::

    :: blue skies after what feels like weeks of damp, dreary weather::

  3. Drawing with my daughter and seeing she enjoys it as much as I do.

    What a nice idea to share pockets of joy!

  4. I've joined in this week over at my blog :)

  5. I am so touched right now, thanks so much Mon, you just gave me a joy pocket :)...

    More joy pockets:

    Daughter sitting in my lap trying to wake up as I write this...

    Finishing crocheting the heart garland AND my granny square blanket

    Watching my son's heart soar as he runs

    Son telling me he cleaned up his room!!!

    Fresh rain watering my plants and grass :)

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

  6. i love the reminder of mama om's post. that one was a definite keeper, huh?

  7. Hurray for libraries! We just went to toddler story time at ours today. Glad your stomach is feeling better!

  8. Head over to Dreaming Aloud for mine, and to catch up on the Radical Homemakers week if you haven't seen it! Done with you in mind Mon, was going to leave writing about it on the long finger, but you asked for more info, so I got writing!

  9. ahhh, watching the smiles and joys of our children.....

  10. I heart libraries! Thank you for the link to the post "i am weather." Incredibly timely--kismet in fact.


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