Friday, January 14

joy pockets

a new camera
reading trash fiction
dirtgirlworld {hat tip antoinette terrey}
in-laws I love
charity shops (thrift stores)
750 yr-old cathedrals
pecan danish
writing joy pockets again
working on the astro site

share with me your joy pockets this week

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  1. "Mommy, I like you. You're soft."
    Rediscovering possibilities
    A 4-year old's sleepy breath on my back
    My little bro being a Dad
    Middle Eastern pickles
    Chocolaty goodness imported from Greece
    Myself treating myself to a pedicure

  2. Ahhh...(nodding), there's something about reading trash fiction that makes my life seem to make sense.
    Love your joy pockets, and am joining in this week.

  3. "Rediscovering possibilities"
    ooh, nice.

    lovely to have you join in Boho mum.

    Do pecan danishes post well? :)

  4. new camera for me too
    remembering how to breathe
    chai tea lattes
    cold, crisp, sunny days
    seed catalogues (ya for thoughts of spring)
    wool felt
    making new friends

  5. Ooh, what camera did you get??

  6. oh thanks Debbie! you reminded me that i need to buy seeds while here in UK.

    Hey Lisa - a canon eos500d.
    bottom end of the ranges but still pricey for us!

  7. Thanks for stopping by! I just posted a bit more info on the Radical Homemakers book on the comments section for you - as I said in the posting, the real review is still brewing!!

  8. Sweeeet. Sounds like a really great camera for the price. I'm eager for an upgrade myself...

  9. How lovely. Thank you for reminding me that joy can be found in pockets!!

  10. BBC Radio 4 - almost all of it
    spring in the air - even though it's mid January
    Saturday Pizzas
    good friends
    stormy nights
    baths with my husband
    cheeky baby smiles
    2 year old cat dances
    a boy who can't stop eating
    a functioning car battery
    reading the papers in bed

  11. I love, love, LOVE this! I really want to join in on this next week :)

    For now though my joy pockets are:
    A loudly purring cat
    An unexpected gift from my sister
    Being in my warm house while listening to the rain
    Space to be myself

    Thanks for such a great idea. :)

  12. My joy pocket was that my latest artwork ( inspired my daughter to make a lovely drawing.
    And another joy pocket was the discovery of snowbells in our garden. That fresh green!
    Greetings to all, Paula


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