Monday, January 31

January books

Where Rainbows End Cecelia Ahern

Awful. The story was passable. Character voices were barely distinguishable. Characters didn't sound much different at age 15 and age 40. The correspondence style was only partially believable. I enjoy trash fiction on occasion, but not this poor.

Daughter of Fortune, Isabel Allende Photobucket

I enjoyed this. Very distinct characters, writing flows, story is intriguing. After reading a couple of Allende's books though, I'm disappointed that I don't find her as great as many people do. Yet she writes very well and writes passionate and romantic tales without the convoluted mental gymnastics of Marquez and with more likeable characters. It's quite a journey our heroine takes, and I was pleased with the romantic twist.

Water, Stone, Heart, Will North Photobucket

This was so dull. A romance brought to it's climax by a freak flood. The only aspect I enjoyed was recalling the magic of an area of England I adore (Cornwall). The romance was lukewarm and the general story-telling wet.


A Kitten Called Moonlight, Martin Waddell Photobucket
age: 3-5

A lovely, gentle story about a girl who spots a kitten all alone. She and her mummy go out to look for it, find it, and bring it back to their middle-class home. ahem
The constant 'mummy said' and 'the girl said' style is grating and I tend to skip most of it so that it flows better. But the story is sweet and wonderful for any child who loves animals and 'rescuing'.

Mog at the Zoo, Helen Nicoll Photobucket
age: 2-4

The Wildflower loves Meg & Mog antics from the TV series, which she only saw for the first time here in England. I always look for books connected to TV/DVDs, but I won't be buying more than the 3 she has now. They're really dull. Neither of us are interested.

The Gruffalo Magnet Book, Julia Donaldson Photobucket
age: 3-6

A nice gift for Gruffalo fans. Lots of magnets to play with. The downside is that there's not much to the book, and some of the pieces are tiny and easily lost (two searches already for the nut). It's also too big for travel, which in my mind is the selling point for magnet books.

The Tickle Book, Ian Whybrow Photobucket
age: 3-4

Many children enjoy pull-the-tab books and mine is one of them. I've searched around for the better ones and found a few. This one is very good. I'm sure she recognises the creatures, as a fan of Axel Scheffler illustrated books. Plenty to pull and poke at, and tickling fun between you and your child.

Meeow and the Pots and Pans

Meeow and the Pots and Pans, Sebastien Braun Photobucket
age: 1-3

My girl is a little old for this but still enjoyed it's simplicity. Reminds me of Maisy books - very simple text and story, with characters engaging in easily identifiable behaviours. I would have liked finding these (there's a few) for when she was 18mths or thereabouts.

Broken Bird (Picture Puffins)

Broken Bird, Michael Broad Photobucket
age: 4-7

A rather long tale of a bird who is 'different' and feels it. He leaves home and eventually finds a girl bird who is also different. In their mutual sadness they become friends and remain together ever after. I think this could be nice for children who are/feel different, especially in a physical way. A bit much for my 2.5yr-old.

Read anything good this month?

p.s, I'll get a month in review done in next two days. Join me if you like.


  1. I have a long list of children's books I've been meaning to review! Maybe later this week...

    Oh, and I got that Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel and it's so frickin' huge I'm afraid to crack it open!

  2. *Hello*!

    I'm never here I know but I'm going to post a comment to say Hi anyway and let you know I do drop in from time to time.

    I really like your book reviews, especially for the wee ones. You could write be a columnist for a newspaper or good mag... So it was great to stop by and read what you've got here. And now I'll go check your book recommendation page.

    We are big fans of Julia Donaldson books so it was good to read your feedback with the magnets
    I like your header photo too.

    Haven't read anything but watched a great short film (comedy) called Election Night (Valgaften) by Anders Thomas Jensen (Danish). May seem completely random I know to write this but it's really good and says something about the complexity of politics as societal memplex, maybe. I chuckled anyway.

    :) Ruth

  3. Go for it Lisa, not as daunting as it seems. And the beginning demands a slow digest.

    So lovely to see you here Ruth!

  4. great to read these Mon - and good to hear a constructive review of both adults and childrens - whilst it's always good to hear a recommnendation, most reviews I see in blogs are positive, and sometimes it's good to hear of what to avoid as well (the Aherne one I probably would have tried for a light relief, but shan't waste my efforts now!)

  5. Thanks for the list and honest reviews!! The artwork on some of these books are amazing!

    BTW, I passed on a blog award to you :). Please come and see!

  6. I also tend to see only positive reviews now that you mention it Bohomumma.... I don't give it much thought, just my tendency to be honest. (doesn't always work for me lol)

    Thanks MJ!!


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