Wednesday, December 1

rain + mamas

it hasn't stopped raining heavily for almost 48hrs. and it looks to continue for the rest of the week. the black-grey sky isn't giving even a hint of cloudbreak, and we're surrounded in mist. the house is leaking again but we are remaining philosophical. well, that's my natural state, but hubby is doing great to be there with me.

faith's photo challenge came at the right time. a little thought of Summer past wouldn't hurt right now. although, i do love rain and winds and days that request cosiness and books.... but a break would be welcome too.

and as i was adding a new one this morning, 
i thought i would share with you the 10 most recent Holistic Mamas.

also, i don't know how long the linky has been missing from Mindful Mamas, but it's back now.

hoping my uk friends are coping with the snow. i'll be here with a November in Review post soon, do join me.


  1. Ooh its cool here, particularly my feet! Shame snow is so-oooo cold! What a lovely lovely photograph - I could feel the warmth from it (or was that just wishful thinking :) ) I have resorted to warm fires, woolly socks and memories of warmer days as an antidote to the weather.

  2. ~rain is here...rain will be here for sometime...tis the season for us...our snow came for a few days but now all is gone...the weather dark gray and cold...i wish for you warmth and light to brighten yoru day and no more leaking water through your home! she is such a little sweetpea...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. Nice blog! This is my first visit, I am really enjoying reading your archives as well. We had freezing temps and snow up here on the mountain (my daughters first 'white' birthday!) here in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon) the last week and now we are back to rain as well. We recently discovered a leak in our garage... hoping that won't get to out of hand before we get the funds to fix :) Thank you so much for sharing your authentic voice, I will be subscribing!

  4. rain here as well....although the temperature is dropping rapidly and the drops turned to flakes about mid-afternoon....nothing that stayed though...

    sooooo nice to see that sunshiney, beachy pic...


  5. What a lovely photograph..the warmth just eminates! We could use it here as it is raining...cold..windy...brrrr. I am dying to shed my big wooly socks and let my toes play in the sand.

  6. Wow, I feel like I'm at the beach when I look at this, this is a truly beautiful picture!

  7. Hi Monica,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just love what you have going on here. I read your about page and wanted to hop on a plane and visit. Wow!

    I love the photograph you posted. It's beautiful. Have a great day and don't forget to find time for your yoga! ;o)

  8. Just jumped on your site from your comment on my blog. Your life seems really beautiful, would love to join you on your journey away from the rat race. I will keep stopping by here for inspiration.


  9. welcome Angie, Ashley, Michelle, and stacy! lovely to see so many new faces.

  10. Hi Mon, thanks for the link - I am currently writing a series on The Resilient Family do stop by and check it out.

    Snow here, and ice, very unusual for the mild south coast of Ireland. Lovely and wintry!


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