Monday, December 6


our girl is so accustomed to blackouts or us turning off the electricity during lightning storms, that when we do so she carries on playing whatever game she was playing. completely unfazed.

we've experienced a lot of lost power in the last few months. and then a shift, we choose to turn the power off or back on.

and i was thinking how it's mirroring life right now. this tough past year often left me feeling overwhelemed , frustrated, confused, power taken in a passive-agressive way.

in a new place now. i'm controlling where i place my energy. learning to switch off more and more often. and knowing when to switch back on.

and by control, i mean reclaiming my personal power, and, as always, seeing everything as choice.

life up close
faerwillow @ ~serendipty~


  1. Ah perfect!
    Such a good way of looking at things Mon. I'm really starting to 'get' this, realise this, more and more myself. It completely changes how we experience things doesn't it?

    It makes sense that a good deal of my personal power comes from how I spend my energy. I've been such a profligate, a total energy spend-thrift for so many years, and that can have such a big impact on the boundaries I have, and also respect - of self, and the respect I receive from others. It is all a choice as you say. And choosing how to channel our energy, and who to give it to can make the crucial difference.

  2. *nodding head vigorously*

    big lesson for me there....


  3. ~agreeing agreeing agreeing...hehehe...

    "reclaiming my personal power"

    this hit me last year when my husbands father passed...watching adn caring for him day by day...seeing him fight so hard and then ready to say life flashed before was then that i made a choice to change how i had been living and thinking and feeling...a what a wonderful new journey it has been...thank you for this wonderful post...and i love your life up close...i will post tomorrow! much l♥ve and light upon you and yours always~

  4. Yes, I think that knowing when and how to use our energy is something that we have more insight to as we get older.

    Well said. :)

  5. nice metaphor. i <3 metaphors. especially the powerful kind. :)

  6. i really like the picture.

  7. This reminds me so much about balance. It seems that tipping the scales is the key to learning when to control and when to let go :).

  8. "a total energy spend-thrift for so many years"

    oh can i relate to that. i agree with denise that it comes when we get older.

    i can understand how life passing does this to us fearwillow, although not everyone puts it so well into practice.

  9. and how wonderful is that???!!!

    i was just talking to a friend about something similar this morning. how i'm finally in a place where i'm doing and moving to the flow of my life-not someone else's.

    i love the idea of taking control, learning to step away and acknowledging when to come back. that's such a great place to be!!

  10. That shift came for me, when we pushed reset on our lives, and moved 9 hours south! The realization comes on...that you are slowly moving back into yourself and your power...and that moment is so profound.

    That's how I felt, anyhow. :)

  11. ~good mroning my i have just created a life up close post...but am link illiterate!!!

    you can find it above and i will work on learning how to create a link!!! i enjoyed taking a moment and photography bits of our home...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  12. a wonderful lesson, especially right now when everything seems to encourage us to squander energy, resources, priorities ...

    when i was in my yoga teacher-training program, we talked about choices in diet and considering "will eating this give me energy? or take energy?" i've found the same question can be applied to everything in my life - will this nourish and enrich my spirit? or rob me? even not acting is a choice.

    so so rich ... thank you! (and I am loving your photography - such evocative images!)

    xo lis

  13. pulling back, taking a break, creating healthier boundaries... such important work for an authentic life and such hard work sometimes!

    i too have been working on this of late - though working may be too light of a word - fighting and swimming/struggling against the current feels more accurate - worth it though so i *just keep swimming :)

    i've joined in w/ your life up close: - nifty idea!

  14. love it! have you read my article- Creating Climate change from within? It's on a similar theme


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