Monday, December 13

: nourishing days :

we had our first snow fall last night. only a few inches. but the dusting sure makes everything wonder-ful.

of course, for us, up here in the mountain, it also means the power is off and we could get snowed in. unable to drive through the small roads. husband managed to get down today, but will be shopping on his return to stock up our pantry and freezer.

the wood stove is doing it's job and we're cosy at least.

a burst of seasonal colour
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at least the temps between here in Montenegro and England aren't so widely different now. that 3C in the midlands was freaking me out. we still haven't booked our flight but the goal is to fly out on the 26th.

i had so many good intentions for crocheting this winter, and it just hasn't happened. any extra time has been taken up with Wildflower's eating.

despite a few people's insistance to simply take the bottle from her, i've chosen to do it gently, without trauma. and after her choosing to sit and eat 'dinner', in a short time she's down to milk only before bed. her pickyness means that i'm struggling to squeeze in nutrition, but she's done amazingly considering how attached she had become to her milk.

sleep is still chaotic and i've spent many days exhausted. in aiming for lack of stress and simplicity, i'm spending free time reading, perusing beautiful things (art, film). otherwise, generally continuing to draw in towards the coming solstice.

we'll hang up some twinkly lights soon. simple wonder for the pixiegirl.

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  1. What a lovely post - I love your Mama instincts.

    Love & Light,

  2. ah, "a few people's insistence" can be so powerful. way to follow your gut. your girl appreciates it, in her way, i am sure.

  3. This is such the peaceful way, so wonderful and a lucky girl to have such a gentle mama :).

  4. Snuggling by a wood stove sounds lovely...I do miss snow, although my relatives got hit with a huge storm this weekend in the midwest, and think I'm crazy (it actually collapsed the pro-football stadium dome there.)

    My younger daughter was very attached to her milk, and still has a warm glass when she first wakes up - from a sippy cup no less, at 4 1/2. Visiters balk when they see me heating the milk and letting her use a sippy cup at her age (she uses regular glass for everything else), but really, there are bigger things to worry about, right? She still does have a preference for dairy though, so I think it's just her natural body type (of course many vegans would disagree with me on that...)

  5. So wonderful she is eating. I remember when Michael first started having meals and snacks, and it did seem to take up a lot of time. Either I've gotten used to it, or just more efficient, because it doesn't feel that way anymore.

    I can certainly understand a toddler being attached to milk! Mine is, and I see nothing wrong with it. They grow out of it on their own. I'm not sure how steadfast I could have been if it wasn't breastmilk though. It's gotta be harder when you need to be more concerned about their nutrition.

    Anyway, hope you are taking some pictures of the snow! And staying nice and warm with your wood stove. I don't know what we'd do if our power went out...don't think we have that figured out yet.

  6. Lisa, it's so weird what people balk at. Us adults have our own idiosyncratic likes.

    hi Lisa C, yeah, nutrition has never been a concern while she was on the milk. She is so strong, energetic, and the healthiest kid I know. But now with solids, it's tough.

    A toddler can't be sustained on solely milk, but if she had it at night for a lot longer it wouldn't concern me at all.

    it's because she eats such small meals that so much of the day is taken up with food. she'll get there. i'm just over the moon she's this far.

  7. ~mon...i think you are doing a beautiful job with raising your little and holding true to what you believe in and not allowing others to dictate your thoughts...ultimately you know whats best...our oldest had issues for many years with eating...sensory issues which left him with minimal choices for food as texture was huge...trying to find healthy suitable bits for him to eat without sending his system wild was a challenge but we've made it thus far and the older he has gotten the more his world of food choices has expanded...he is more willing to try new as we never forced the issue...just as you are doing...we don't like to be forced to eat something that is not so tempting so why ever would we do such to our own littles...couldn't never quite figure that one out when people would rant to me about his eating habits...she will find her way through your comforting and nourishing ways...

    i wish you plentiful rest...sleeping nights and warmth to forever surround you and yours...wishing you much l♥ve and light and bright holiday wishes... life up close post...still don't get the link thing!~

  8. thank you for the noral support faerwillow. it is one of those vulnerable spots for us mamas, isn't it, FOOD.
    but i've trusted that she'll find her way to it.
    i was told to force food into her mouth, make her cry from removing her bottle... all sorts.
    it's amazing what we're willing to subject little people to.

    i don't know if she has sensory issues, but certain 'looks' of a food will put her right off, like gagging off. i haven't figured out which type, seems random.

  9. Gah - people and their wisedom!! So glad you were able to withstand the pressure and "advice" and follow your own instincts. You and your little one instinctively know what is best for her - provided the healthy food is offered, and if she is seeing you eat, in time, when she is ready for it, she'll want to partake of it. Meanwhile, she'll take what she needs.

    Sorry that the sleeping is no better though - that can be so tough, but it sounds like you are dealing with it as best as possible.

    And it sounds like you are having a lovely nurturing, cosy time of it with those delightful warm colours and the images of snuggling by the woodburner, I love that phrase of "turning in" - this is just how I am feeling - we went out to town today and it was so stressful and rushed and people were so aggressive, it all seemed very overwhelming and I'm not particularly minded to be trying that again this side of christmas at least! with much love x

  10. You have plant a very significant concern. What you said really spoke to me and I hope that I can learn more about this. I am yet to find anything as enlightening as this on the web. I am completely convinced with his thoughts.

  11. So funny when we call a childs preferences 'picky' and an adults ... ? Likes and dislikes. Gentle and supportive is always a good way to go - they take what they need, they follow our lead.

    I am feeling the tug of quiet and still for the solstice, but my boys do not. They see it as a time of energy. Whew!

    Hope you get some sleep. The quiet of snow seems to help that for me.

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