Friday, December 17

joy pockets

eating cookies at inappropriate times
re-reading old classics
the pantry completed
organising shelves
the girl's face at running through her first snow
her first snowman
short illnesses
weathered picture frames
an initially doubtful cutting of hair that only makes her cuter


  1. Art Barbs Nature Study blog is great & our child's fun in a snowy garden is such a joy to observe.

  2. 'Short illnesses'

    I like that! You're right - no winter is complete without a manageable bout of the sniffles, is it? A cold normally makes me feel really Christmassy - which is a bit of a drag in June...;)


  3. cookies and classics, what a great combination. I see these featuring heavily in my evening plans now that we are snowed it and my night out is definitely a night in by the fire!

  4. There is never an inappropriate time to eat cookies, surely! :-)

    Love the photo; its gorgeous

  5. Gorgeous photo, as was the other one you showed the other day. You capture her so well. Mother's love.

    Classics, cookies and shelf organising...sounds like an ideal time!

  6. Oh I am glad I am not the only one splurging on cookies!! I think I eat about 4 extra large gingerbreads a day--breakfast too!!


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