Friday, December 10

joy pockets

♥ collecting pinecones under a cold winter sun
rescuing a puppy, surrounded by her 4 dead siblings, from cold & hunger ♥
♥ 5 Orange Potatoes doing a giveaway

share with me your joy pockets this week


  1. :: attending a crafting session and meeting some lovely new people::
    :: crafting handmade decorations for our tree, with the children and after they have gone to bed::
    :: attending "stirring stories into the pudding" with a dear friend - making christmas puddings at our favourite cafe, then listening to a professional storyteller weave magical christmas tales as the darkness fell and the christmas lights glowed::
    :: spending time each day reading The Christmas Mystery aloud to the children - taking a moment of calm no matter what else is happening to create magical seasonal memories::
    :: endeavouring to create a balance between activity and excitement and peace and reflection during this season::
    with love
    Jules x
    PS Wildflower is looking utterly enchanting x

  2. Beautiful photo.

  3. fabbo!

    Look at the gorgeous curls on that girl! Amazing little spirit shining through.

    Love the interview. And a puppy! You have a puppy living with you now?

    One little pocket of joy I am having is right at this moment: 2 eight-year old girls, (best buddies), on a fold out couch-bed, scoffing popcorn, and completely entranced by 'Kiki's Delivery Service'. Yes - it's a sleepover! Heheh...

  4. hi everyone!

    that's a great list julie, my fave is your reading aloud to the children.

    no nettles, we all wanted to take it home but we leave for uk in a couple of weeks.


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