Friday, December 3

joy pockets

see the boys gone?

looking forward to the new moon
the pixiegirl eating meals
taking photographs
homemade oatmeal cookies
cheeky access to broadband

share with me your joy pockets this week


  1. Awesome! Love the tone you used as well :-) I'm missing the beach!!!

  2. Woohoo for Wildflower eating meals! That's great! And wow, that makes me want to get photoshop now lol!

  3. thanks captivus.

    i know Carin, i'm having an affair with PS for sure!

  4. Very cool Mon. Wish I could learn a few of those tricks. My 5 year old fights meals every day. That's good news about Wildflower. I need some of those positive eating vibes coming my way for my little gal :)

  5. Oh, yay for her eating more! And yay for the clone tool! I love that tool. It's turned so many almost great shots into great photos for me. And I'd say your doing photography has been a bit of a joy pocket for me! I've been watching your header change lately, and I've liked them all, but this one with the clouds is my favorite. :)

    Here are some of my joy pockets:

    -My boy enjoying the advent activity that I spent hours preparing.
    -Meeting a friend at the Children's Museum.
    -Getting my new cookware delivered!
    -Discovering that I can buy fresh Swedish meatballs at my grocery store, and the sauce for them is really easy to make.
    -Being able to whip up a meal of potato soup, dinner rolls, and a "winter" slaw, in the confines of an hour, and do it entirely from scratch (well, the hubby helped). And then feed some lovely lady missionaries.
    -That I don't have any more deadlines/commitments for the rest of the week!

  6. Thanks for your sweet comment about my painting over on my blog! In case you're interested, that painting is for sale :)

    And wow, I really need to update my photo editing software!

  7. Changes the whole mood of the image! The story...

    Really pretty image and perfect edits!!

  8. This is such an adorable picture to begin with but you did a great job removing the boys!


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