Saturday, November 13

silly ol' bear

the first feature-length film the pixiechild watched was Winnie the Pooh. it was last November when we were in England. she was 18 months old and she fell in love with it, and so did the rest of the family. while she no longer requests to watch it, she enjoys it, and still plays with piglet and eeyore soft toys.

i soon bought a couple of other pooh films and they were just so-so. the reviews of some others i haven't seen are not favourable - for those of us who love the hundred acre wood stories for their charm and wit, rather than brighter, louder, crazier happenings.

so i was delighted to hear they've finally caught on, and will return to the illustration style, and the charm. released next summer.


  1. ah, yes! classic Pooh!!

    i first watched when my little brother was a kid (he's 28 now) and was delighted to eventually find it on DVD for our kids. It's a very much loved movie -- and they didn't really take to the recent releases either.

    This one looks absolutely marvelous....*sigh*

  2. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog :) it was very meaningful to me, and so hopeful. Thank you!

  3. This excited me, too! My kids like Winnie the Pooh, and I like the restoration they are doing. Win, win!

  4. I love that. I watched it as a kid. I showed Luke but he was too young. I was sick one day so I thought maybe we could cuddle and watch but not yet. I hope he likes it next time because I do!!!

  5. I actually just dug up my old Adventures of Winnie the Pooh from when I was a kid, and Michael sat and watched it while I made dinner last night. I hate those newer Pooh videos, so I'm happy to see this.

  6. What good news!

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Namaste, Nicole

  7. omigoodness!!!! this is so exciting for me. my son is about the biggest pooh fan there ever was. he has been having me read the chapter books over and over to him since he was 2, to the point where he quotes passages and re-enacts scenes from them... watches all the movies (the classic one was his first movie too), even the less than wonderful ones... and i will be so happy to have this be his first in-the-movie-theater movie experience- he'll be the perfect age for this (4)! wow, he will be so thrilled!!! :)

  8. oh 4 is a great age for the first cinema experience. he's going to be thrilled.


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