Monday, November 8

reflection: focus

i've been in a strange place these last few weeks. i have no words to describe accurately the many emotions, thoughts and their jumbled-upness. it's been mostly good, with dashes of challenges.

i think the theme has been re-evaluation.... as well as a continued simplifying of life.

the other has been focus.

as an Infinitely Interested person, and owning the Impatience Shadow, i have invited too much scattering into my life. i have had periods over the last few years before motherhood where i was bringing focus back in. now i seem to be returning to this place.

simplicity (not starkness) beckons daily. every day i release something - a bookmark/favorite, an rss feed, a book, an idea, a possible new interest...

and simplifying supports focus. so currently, i'm in this place - how can i invite more focus into my life?


autumn focus
playing with simplicity

i wrote the above about 4 days ago. after my withdrawal with the new moon, i've resurfaced renewed. once i released a few perceptions i had been clinging onto, clarity filled that space.

i am owning my most authentic purpose even more. i stopped forcing certain things. allowed an unfolding. double-checked my motivations.

and, i have a wonderful venture i will share with you in a couple of weeks.

i'm walking my path, focused.


  1. LOVE this!!! Thanks so much for linking up :) I always love reading your blog!

  2. lovely...this new moon was a corker to be sure...but i'm hearing what you're saying and marching steadily onward to the same.


  3. The New Moon carried so much for me this month.
    This idea of simplicity - it allows for so much doesn't it? For focus, and space - for unfolding. I struggle with it myself, (relate to the Impatience Shadow), and am learning to let go of holding too many things at once. I'm so glad that you were able to gain clarity.

    And oooh! Looking forward to your new venture! I'll sit on my hands in the mean time.

  4. i'm going to say *lovely* too...because it is, and you are for finding the beauties in what can easily become an obsessive blur ~

  5. me too, friend, i want this. i want focus. thank you, for making me realize this. xo

  6. Thanks for the post. This message has been coming up for me all over the place lately too. Must take notice of it I think!!

  7. I feel scattered and pulled in many directions. Thanks for making me realize that I have to put focus back on my priority list.

  8. lovely to hear from you all.


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