Monday, November 1

mind decluttering iii

i wrote quite some time ago about mind decluttering. i've continued this process on and off, and as we head into a scorpionic new moon and winter up here in the north, well, my efforts are energised. i want to enter this hibernation cycle with renewed focus.

for anyone who is filled to the brim with ideas and life enthusiasm, you'll understand that this process is not an easy one. there is a lot of internal clinging.

some situations are totally emotional - but this is so much fun! and that could be so useful... one day.
these ones are of course difficult, but as they're clearly clinging, they can be dealt with by a determined declutterer.

others are trickier. like when you feel, or know, that cutting of or releasing effects others. will i be letting a whole bunch of people down? will they be disappointed? will so-and-so feel rejected? will they think i'm flaky or flighty or fickle? (don't ask me why they're all F words)

so the trickier ones require some willingness to be ruthless, or, to allow a natural unfolding of what will be, rather than force anything.

i always say - when in doubt, wait to decide.

but on the productive side, i have decluttered very well.

  • i have a pile of books to take back to UK when we visit (charity shops/thrift stores).
  • my feed reader was reduced just this past week from 167 feeds down to 121. (one of the tricky ones)
  • i re-organised bohemian shadows to be more of a portfolio than a blog, although it still has a blogging area. it means i feel less obligation to follow or comment on other arty blogs, and less guilt if i don't. 
  • i'm slogging through the indescribably large number of bookmarks/favourites. deleting, deleting.... 
  • on an almost daily basis i'm choosing to not follow a new interest or idea or bit of info.

it's about giving up even what is enjoyable, on the surface, for the sake of simplicity. Fact is, i find an infinite number of things enjoyable.... or feel i ought to do, or learn, or read, or.....

it's all about bringing in space to make room to then be filled by the top priorities, whatever they may be for each of us. as well as to leave some of that space unfilled.

unfilled space
phew.... how many of us struggle with that?

thing is, the deepest connections, the most healing self-awareness, and the height of creativity, actually happen in that unfilled space.

being filled to the brim is not the same as a full life.

i'm slowly allowing this learning to take firmer shape.


  1. This post is so very relevant to my current state. I just did some shadow work and realized that I need 'boundaries while learning', otherwise I'll keep learning bits and pieces of everything but nothing really properly. I have this urge to know about everything, but know now that this is not a healthy attitude. Thanks for your helpful insights.

  2. *groan*...oh, how i know this very well....

    it seems a neverending process, really. but that's probably because of all the freakin' interesting stuff out there...


    pruning shears in hand....


  3. This is awesome and I need to work on this as winter comes. I purged my reader, too, but then added as many new blogs as I had just deleted! New people found me, and I checked them out and loved them....and was back at Square One! LOL.

    So many things I need to purge and organize and release and let walk by....

  4. It's hard letting of things we enjoy, or would enjoy. But yes, I'm trying to do this, too. When I took up knitting, I knew I had to get rid of something to make space.

    I've dropped out of groups I've enjoyed, too, to make more space. It's hard to keep that space empty, though, like with Green Spell and her reader!

    I find, too, that guilt gets in the way. I want to donate this, recycle that, save this for later...if I could just throw it all in the garbage, I could probably get rid of it faster! But it's environmentally irresponsible! And then I feel like I should offer things to my friends and family before sending them to a donation center, but that would require more effort. Argh.

    It does feel like the perfect time to work on this though. And yet, I suddenly find myself inundated with photography work (what??). So yeah, I may not actually have time to declutter. Unless...I drop something else, maybe...?

  5. I'm going through this too. Simplifying has been a way of life for many years now (mentally and physically), but it has definitely been spurred on lately with winter and a new baby ahead. Have managed to be quite ruthless with my reader, but am having many "stop and breathe" moments with my favourites folder. The delete button is definitely seeing a lot of action lately!

  6. I'm feeling quite ruthless about de-cluttering at the moment. Hope it lasts! Even if I have moments of feeling a sense of obligation, I can't drag myself there. It's kind of a good feeling actually. S'pose I'll just go with it and contemplate the benefits of this particular lightening strike.

    I so agree with, and love that quote above: "being filled to the brim is not the same as a full life". It's a good 'un.

  7. "I have this urge to know about everything, but know now that this is not a healthy attitude."

    i think it's ok to have this urge, it can come from loving life so much. it's when we have this underlying anxiety that we MUST do/learn/be everything, that things get messy.

  8. i really liked what you said about the unfilled space, i need to remember that!


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