Friday, November 19

joy pockets

launching the new Spiral Sisters!
a sunny day spent in Cavtat, Croatia
pixiegirl asking to eat bekkets with mama (breakfast)
our parking area ready
receiving a little packet of journaling goodies from Briana
Faith will be giving stuff away for a couple of weeks
reading lots

share with me your joy pockets this week


  1. ~what a gorgeous this close by you...sigh...will be over shortly to the new site...can't wait to see it!!! wishing you a wonderful day ahead...much l♥ve light and joy to you and yours~

  2. "bekkets" - very cute.
    What a stunning photo.

  3. Beautiful location. Your photography lately is inspiring me! Here are my pockets:

    -a deeper understanding of why I struggle with eating as well as I want to
    -honoring my body during my monthly cycle by sitting on my bum and reading a good book
    -going to worship service by myself and being able to listen to the entire service, including a talk by a woman I know who is very ill and it was a miracle that she was even able to show up at all
    -being able to let go of certain things

  4. Such a gorgeous picture... I want to go there.

    I am enjoying your new Spiral Sister site. I can see I will visit often.

    Take care. xx


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