Wednesday, November 3

autumn depths

are you feeling the pull inwards? towards a wintery hibernation. or even for my southern friends, towards a scorpio new moon full of mysteries and insights and time to transform quietly?

playing with simplicity

our walks these days are filled with autumn secrecy. that silence that isn't silence at all.


  1. Oh yes...I'm feeling that pull - staying in bed later in the morning and spending our days snuggling on the couch with good books. Eating heavy food that feeds our soul as well as our body. Bundling up for walks through fallen leaves - it's my most favourite time of the year (although I might say this with every season.) Enjoy your days, Mon. xoxo

  2. dark evenings, hot cup of tea and cosy blanket :)
    nice photo!

  3. Even though we're heading towards the light of Summer here, I'm heading towards a quiet Scorpio moon retreat. Some silence and contemplation.

    That's a beautiful image you have there.

  4. I love this picture. Oh, I LOVE autumn leaves. The wind has blown lots of them onto our porch, clustering around our Halloween pumpkin and my homemade "witch broom." It was windy and warm today, and Michael ran out there, barefoot, barebottomed, grabbed a big handful of leaves and ran around hollering. It was too wonderful to go back in and work.

    Baking pumpkins today. Feels sort of like I'm getting ready for a hibernation.

  5. Such a lovely photo, gorgeous!

  6. Definitely feel the pull inwards, towards hibernation. Love the photo- it's so soulful!

  7. loving your here
    found you via the sunday creative...
    love your photos, love your words...


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