Thursday, November 11

: as the wind blows :

...make what you will of these capricious posts of mine. will return to joy pockets next week....
today i felt this.

“Strange how a teapot
Can represent at the same time
The comforts of solitude
And the pleasures of company”
author unknown


some time around the turn of the century, i began a rather odd book. other things took priority and i only picked it back up a few weeks ago. now that i'm halfway through this 1000 page tome, taking more time for reading fiction, and thereby on the road to finishing it, i can admit to you that it sits on my nightstand.

i won't be saying a word until i'm done.


some clued in linguists are using twitter to analyse how language is used. they claim that gorgeous is used three time more often by women than men. they have a query site where you can check the gender bias of many words, and with which you can easily become obsessed... or that's just me.


over the last month i've twice had the conversation with others about artist's who guard their techniques. one such artist was actually teaching a class, but refused to share too much at the risk that the students would merely copy. have we become that egocentric? history is riddled with copy-cats. that's why we're able to have art movements, musical genres.... you get the idea.
head over to HUP and grab a free copy of in praise of copying.


i re-watched woody allen's manhatten. despite being an allen fan, and really, mostly a diane keaton fan, her subtlety kills me, this one irked. possibly because i couldn't help thinking of life imitating art. what with his running off with his much younger daughter-in-law, or whoever she was.


thankfully for us, disney let burton go. so off he went and mixed seuss + vincent price + poe. take a look at one of his earliest works, a 6min piece voiced-over by vincent price.
His voice was soft and very slow
As he quoted The Raven from Edgar Allen Poe:

“and my soul from out that shadow
that lies floating on the floor
shall be lifted?

and of course you know that you can get free kindle for pc and a collection of poe's works for $1, right?


if people wouldn't stare, i could so wear this hat, you know, to do errands.


and a question for you...
what's a really useful idea or skill that you learnt (directly or indirectly) from your parents?


  1. I would so wear that hat too... if no one noticed. lol I like the belt too.

    I learned to change the oil in a car from my step dad. Very useful, but can be messy. He also taught me to change a tire and drive a stick shift. He had three boys before me and wanted to teach me everything he taught them. I'm glad he did. :)

  2. I think both my parents taught me (and their 5 other kids) good, clever banter. You can't underestimate the power of clever banter. Does that count as a skill?

  3. haha- i clicked over here to say the same thing as sara above- my dad taught me car basics too- tire changes and oil changes. biggest one from my mom, sewing. and many other basic survival skills and stewardship for the land that you can't help but absorb from farming. a few ideas on relationships from mom, too, like "never settle".

  4. Well, I learned how to entertain children. A skill I must use daily. I can make up a song about practically anything which can definitely change the mood from awful to, well, more positive. lol. they've also taught me how to make up silly stories and faces. Handy enough, since I'm with my children.

  5. I am a huge Woody Allen fan - which is hard to admit in public - but there I just did it.

    What a liberating post!

    Namaste, Nicole

  6. wear the hat! Doesn't matter if people stare. I reckon the older we get the bigger the hat should be...hehe.

    I love that book. I. Love. It. I have a massive girl-crush on Susannah Clarke too. I warn you, I get ferally protective about that book ; )

    My parents were light-hearted extroverts who had 2 intense introvert children. So I learnt from them to value people, to care more about people than money or things, to value ideas and creativity, and also humour. I have to say, they have the ability to laugh at themselves, and I've learnt that that can sometimes be a crucial life skill : )

    This year I've been getting very grumbly about my teachers' and their preciousness about intellectual property. They don't have a very sophisticated grasp on what this really means at all. Particularly when I see them merely collating material that other people have written, (with American spelling inclusive).

    I don't understand any kind of creative or intellectual community that grasps things like that. Sure you want to protect your intellectual/creative babies, but there is so much richness in the sharing of ideas. Generosity only feeds creativity - yours and others.
    Sorry - rant over. That stuff is really important to me.

  7. i think he ran off with his step-daughter.

    i'm with Nettles...kick on with the hat -- i'm at that point of probably not even realizing i'm wearing something outlandish (not that the hat is outlandish..although i do wonder how it would fare in a strong wind)

    my dad gave me the good ol' British work ethic and showed me that nothing was ever too much trouble where his kids were concerned....i also have this unfailing (to this day) belief that there isn't anything he can't fix....


  8. car basics are a rgeat skill for every girl to be taught, as with cooking for boys!

    nettles, well, if it turns out i hate it, we'll have to respectfully disgaree and never bring up the subject again. or, you could challenge me to a duel.

    as for the hat, i wouldn't care about what others thought, but i just don't like bringing attention to myself. love walking about anon.

  9. That hat is definitely a statement maker :) Love it! I think that artists should not be too possessive. Creativity is kind of like naked disclosure, don't you think? Hey, I'm not even too sure what I mean with that phrase? But anyway, I'll let it stand. I like Diane Keaton too.

  10. Wear the Hat its calling out to be worn lol..
    I learned to imagine from my mom she helped me make mud pies and decorate them with lilacs and my Dad taught me great men really do take the time to show their wives they care. In their own sweet quiet shy way. I loved watching my parents hold hands or lovingly tease one another. They taught me to have a disagreement does not mean your breaking up you can discuss things and sometimes for hours but you still do not go to bed angry.
    love the blog.


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