Friday, October 22

joy pockets

dynamic revelations
playing at the sunday creative

walking through woods
staying in a log cabin
watching children be free
a boho bookmark pressie through the mail
speaking freely
discovering i like earl grey tea
making my point-n-shoot perform
doing qigong in the mornings

share with me your joy pockets this week


  1. qigong! wonderful stuff! It's been ages since I did any myself, but I do so love it.

    You've been taking all those photos with a point-n-shoot??? Gah. Wish I could get those results with mine.

    I only adopted Earl Grey a few years ago. For years I despised it, but now I think it's one of dark chocolate's best, best friends ever.

    And thanks very much for the shout-out : )

  2. My joy Pockets this week:

    lots of painting time
    visits from friends
    walking/jumping in lots of crunchy leaves with my girls

  3. I found 2 Joy Pockets:

    Success in drawing my first portrait
    And a fairy toadstool

    I've put pictures on my blog.

  4. ~earl gray with a bit of milk or always an adventure to fill ones soul and what a gorgeous new place you have found and shared here with us...many more joyful moments to this day...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours~

  5. yes to qigong!! yes.

    and what a photo.

    soaking up the joy from your post...


  6. My joy pockets this week (and it's been tough, I can barely walk with a walker at 53 with R.A. and two kinds of cancer):

    Seeing my grandchildren grow tall and strong
    Seeing plants in my garden grow tall and strong
    Seeing my wife, daughter, and grandchilren smile and laugh
    Seeing another day of mortality - looking forward to the next life

    - David

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  7. My pockets:

    -Suduko (never played it before - it's surprisingly fun!)

    -Hanging out with my adorable nephews

  8. Beautiful picture...

    My joy pockets of this week;
    - finally finding an opportunity to occupy my 16-month-old girl and getting some freedom
    - starting to practice Yoga again
    - sharing magical moments with friends


  9. lol about the point and shoot. Before I read that I was going to say that I am excited that you are doing more with your photography skills. I'm loving your photographs lately. It took me a while to make my point and shoot work for me, and then my boy broke it. lol. Back to lugging around the SLR or skipping photos altogether.

    It's always great to discover you like something. And the walking in the woods and watching children be free sounds wonderful.

    I'm taking a break from my blog, so I'll do my joy pockets here. Again, I'm taking this as a challenge: It's been a rough week!

    -discovering that I want to knit for the enjoyment of it, not just for the end product

    -my son finding the brownies I left for him on the counter when I had to use the restroom, and coming all the way to the restroom to tell me "Thank you, Mama. I love you, Mama."

    -going out to breakfast with a friend

    I'm going to leave it there, I don't want to think too hard!

  10. watching children be free - beautiful thing to witness. Love the joy you share here :)

  11. My joy pockets: thin crust pizza, hugs from my children, and time to write!

  12. ahhh... painting time, a fairy toadstool, crafts for the pure enjoyment, and thin crust pizza!

  13. that photo is amazingly beautiful, mon.

    I like Earl Grey Creme, a little milder.

    and right now in my joy pocket is watching my little one skip through the woods, barefoot, too stubborn to give up summer.

  14. Beautiful shot... love the light coming through.

  15. Beautiful photo, love the light.


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