Friday, October 15

joy pockets

finding a purpose for a friend's gift (image)
a day of sunshine
underfloor heating
working on someone's blog design
discovering free kindle for pc
making a new friend
baking bread
and contemplate life and bake bready things

share with me your joy pockets this week

playing along... Lisa,


  1. So have you found said purpose? Let me know what you do with it!
    My joy pockets:
    - My heart imploding hearing the news that my baby brother is now a Daddy
    - Cute little pumpkins
    - Crinkly fall leaves forming a colorful carpet in our front yard
    - I'm officially an Auntie

  2. My joy pockets:

    feeling better at last!
    crunchy leaf piles in the garen
    working on my blog/etsy shop designs
    lots and lots of baking.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out!

    My pockets of joy:

    -Baking that bread! ;)
    -Finishing the top portion of my first sweater
    -Walking around the neighborhood in the beautiful October afternoons

  4. Mmm...I've been baking bread, too. Love that photography website you linked to. Wish we had underfloor heating (grateful for my wool slippers, though)!

    I'm going to do a post.

  5. Love these little joy pockets. :) Hope all is well. xx

  6. Bread provides much joy in our lives too - in every little aspect of it, from thinking about it, to making it, to baking it, to eating it!

  7. My joy pockets

    celebrating 23 years of marriage to a very patient man
    painting with a group of friends all day
    making jewellery for christmas

  8. Swimming with my daughter
    Riding the bike to all places
    Watching the stars
    Watching a presentation by Terence Mackena

  9. lovely. love reading these.


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