Thursday, October 21

deep dark woods

we've been away for 4 days. the planned 2 days turned to 3, and then we took our time back on the 4th day. sorry, i've missed so many of your posts.

we went up north into the snowy mountains of Montenegro, about 2000m above sea level, although the snow has yet to arrive.

black lake

the oxygenated scent of pine and mountain-peak air makes for rejuvenation. the girlchild was brilliant for so many hours in the car - meaning she was content. dvd player my friends! she has car-sickness and is recently toilet learnt so i was concerned. but it all went smoothly.

the cabin was wonderfully tiny, so cosy. i was astounded that we got three children to nap and go to bed all at the same time!

she adored spending so much time with her favourite little people. we enjoyed a different scene, crisp air, time with friends, hikes around a lake, cooking with friends, walks through pines (while i recited The Gruffalo), spectacular scenic drives.....

bouncing intermission

my favourite memory from it all was seeing how much fun my girl had. they barely stopped the whole weekend from bouncing on the sofa, tickling and chasing each other, playing incomprehensible-to-adults games, making lots of noise, and generally getting on fantastically.

i've returned touched by majestic nature... 'nough said.


  1. Wow! So happy to see you three on a mini-holiday, though you do live in a beautiful retreat already :-). And how great to have the luxury in life to say, "let's stay for another day." Glad the little lady had such a grand time. Sounds like a wonderful experience for all of you xo

  2. That first picture is beautiful! You've got me craving fresh pine scented mountain air right about now. Glad you had a nice get away :)

  3. "My favourite memory from it all was seeing how much fun my girl had". I feel the same when I do new things with my girl. I get so happy to see her happy. And with children being so easy to please, so are easy to please the mamas.

  4. How wonderful! Mini-holidays are great for reviving flagging spirits and getting back on track. And it looks absolutely beautiful!

  5. So glad you had a wonderful holiday!

  6. sounds and looks wonderful on every level...getting so much joy from seeing my kids play with other kids was one of the big surprises of parenthood...just not something I had thought about before...but I just love watching them, especially with their cousins- has completely changed family visits:-)

  7. Looks like spectacular country up there Mon! Just stunning.

    Just realised that there are 3 little bodies on the couch there...hehe

  8. How wonderful! That place is beautiful. Glad you all had such a good time.

  9. i felt the same way after our vacation, renewed by nature.

    and yes, I was thrilled at how well my girls traveled, we did two straight days of nine hours in the car, MD to ME and then ME to Nova Scotia. They were unbelievably awesome.

    glad you got away. does amazing things for a person


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