Tuesday, September 21

review: plantoys fruit and vegetable play set

you guys know me well enough to know i'm not a reviewer mommy. so please allow me the occassional one.

i was offered a wooden toy by hellobabydirect to test out and review (you ought to see the totally irrelevant stuff i get offered btw, sheesh!).
so i've had my eye on a wooden fruit and vegetable play set for ages. ever since we bought the girlchild a wooden play kitchen. she enjoys her kitchen. it sits beside my butcher's block and she plays with it spontaneously throughtout the day.

i thought that wooden veg would be wonderful, and i was right.

these are a delight to touch, lovely rounded edges. and are simple fun. they're made from chemical-free, recycled rubberwood. and coloured with non-toxic, water-based dyes. all very right on by me.

it comes with a 'knife', and the veg come in two parts joined by velcro. so the child can simulate chopping up veg. very cool.

i think a child would get years of use out of these.

i only wish the mushroom wasn't yellow with spots. she only knows white ones as far as eating is concerned.
also, the description states,
"can be 'chopped' to reveal a realistic fruit or vegetable pattern inside"
erm, nope, just the same wood grain. not a problem, just not accurate.

 chef refused to pose

i also received a plantoys catalogue. although this store only stocks a relatively small range. oh wow, i want everything! okay, well, a lot of it. perhaps something for xmas.

so i highly recommend the toy, and i recommend the store if you're in europe. they stock all sorts, including ethical and eco-friendly products.

i actually ordered bath products almost 2 years ago from them. there are so few places that are willing to deliver to Montenegro, or make it easy to do so. they did both, and the customer service was excellent

and this is the fireball herself after fiiiiinally getting to pick our first real tomato some weeks ago.

disclosure: the toys were given to me free, the store is not an affiliate so i get nothing from you purchasing from them.


  1. we love, love our Plan toys! I've bought Moon quite a lot of bits and pieces over the years. Very much dig that they are fair trade and eco.

    So we have the wooden fruit and veg, (aren't they lovely?) as well as a dolls house and dolls. They are just beautifully crafted. Even after nearly 8 years of at times rough playing they are still pretty much like new.

    Hey - love the shot of the triumphant tomato-picker...hehe

  2. I had been contemplating that set for awhile, but finally decided that the choppability of them, while utterly charming, would only lead to the disappearing of their parts in my zoo-of-many. But they would look fabulous served up in some thrifted wooden bowls, wouldn't they?

    Yes, that is one adorable triumphant tomato picker!

  3. Those are so cute! Though I worry about mushrooms in playfood, too, because we have so many growing here. Don't want any confusion.

    She's so cute, Mon!

  4. Looks great! And I'm glad she's having so much fun with them. Love the pick with the real tomato- triumphant is right!

  5. so funny, I have these two, and they have survived 4 years of (ab)use so far...we have had a few bruises when they've, er, thrown them at each other, but I'm sure that's just my kids:-)

    so cute

  6. Were your tomatoes late this year, too? We've had such a problem in Oregon.

    That set looks great. I know Michael would LOVE something that involved cutting, even if it isn't 'real' cutting. I also love Plan Toys. We have a few things from them. They are really lovely, well-designed toys. Love that they are a responsible manufacturer as well.

  7. Hi Monica. Thanks so much for your sweet words over on Milkmoon. It meant a lot for my girl to read everyones comments.

    We too have these cool toys, I think about six years now and yes, have survived beautifully, in spite of some hard playing!

    And nothing is sweeter than homegrown tomatoes and those cheeky little smiles!

  8. What a lovely expression you have captured. She is gorgeous.

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  10. Those are really cute! So colorful and fun.

  11. We love Plan Toys too. We have cars and and a parking garage and the fruit and something else that I can't remember. :) They are such great quality and sustainably made. LOVE them. :)


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