Monday, September 20

reflection: courage

could i be more courageous?

i'm quite fearless, in general. i have put my reputation, my heart, my trust, my time, my energy, my loyalty, on the line. i've had abuse, distrust, non-acceptance, thrown at me time and time again. yet i never grow bitter. i continue to trust the universe, my intuition, my heart, my purpose. i believe being vulnerable makes me stronger. i don't fear looking at myself honestly. changing, growing. i have courage with this. a recent bad experience had me doing just this, looking within, facing the shadows, and thereby healing and growing.

courage is - feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

where in my life could i bring in more courage?

i fear not being thought good enough in certain areas, such as with my art.
the process of my creativity has seen me shed more and more of that fear. to make mistakes, to embrace mistakes, to share my mistakes! to put my art out there regardless of the reception. to embrace the process rather than the result.

but fear is not an easy foe to beat. nope.
i still fear selling my art, or more accurately, not selling it! to put it out there and to receive a ho-hum reception. i have yet for anyone to say, i like that so much i'll buy it.

senseless forward motion
mixed media

while i love the process and know that is where joy and peace resides, i would still like being some sort of artist out there.

i also fear running out of inspiration.

i also still fear the loss of time. although a million times less than just a few years ago, i must still work daily on reminding myself that ----- i have all the time in the world.

i could do with more courage with both of these.

i invite more courage into my life.

could you invite more courage?


  1. I do very much agree that remaining open and vulnerable takes a great degree of courage. The problem is remaining courageous all the time.... I think you are very brave! You are following your dreams with is more than so many of us.

  2. i believe being vulnerable makes me stronger

    Hell yeah.

    I've definitely had to fight for courage in my life. I'm not a fearless person. I often have to ignore the fear clinging to me as I work through obstacles. But that's courage, isn't it? Having fear, but doing it anyway. I could always use more courage.

  3. i could always use more courage too - it's continual, isn't it? - sitting still, trying to find, courage from an open mind, to aid us through our daily life, helping combat mental strife:)

    if we allow it to, fear, creates within us so many possibilities that may not have surfaced otherwise.. that in itself is inspiration.

  4. always in the market for more courage....

    sometimes we're brave when we don't even realize it -- someone usually points it out to us and we're rather surprised at ourselves. so i think when we don't think....we're probably more brave.


    ps. pop some of your spare peace in the post, would ya? :)

  5. great point mel. in fact, it was someone recently telling that i had acted bravely that made me realise, oh yeah, i guess it was.

    peace is bulky, i'll check the postage.. ;)

  6. having the courage to be 'out there' (and not only art, but all manner of things) is something I find pretty challenging.

    I could always do with more courage myself, but I also relish a good clarion call! I quite like feeling some fear, (not terror, mind you - hehe). The kind of fear that calls upon us to gird our loins and dive in. I suppose there can't be courage without fear...

    And I agree about seeing courage in retrospect. Often we just act out of the need to confront something or get something done, even though it asks a lot of us, and then only looking back can we see that it actually was something quite courageous.

  7. I don't know where to start but I seem to go between being fearless and fearful. I constantly have to remind myself to trust in the universe although each time it is getting easier and more of a habit. I never saw myself as courageous but when I look at the things I have done they may seem courageous to others.
    It is when your head and your heart are in sync that you lose your fear I think. To keep the connection is the challenge, this is where I look within, towards my intuition, believing in my gut instinct and to stop needing others approval to validate why I am here. I often wonder why I have picked a pastime such as art that requires that I put myself out there for comment, good and bad. Maybe I need that constant test of courage to keep me listening to my intuition....

  8. I'm afraid of trusting my instincts. I need the courage to believe that my mother's gut is right in most situations. I have to trust that my view is authentic and worthy to be heard. It's a quest to find that daily courage to believe in me. Thanks for this post Mon.

  9. I am so full of fear and hurt right now, I don't even know where to start. I will pray for more courage. I thought I was turning a corner, but the past two days have been rough.

    Anyone else out there struggling?

    Reggie x


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